Since launching its Crowd Solo app less than a week ago, Holovis has been inundated with interest from the theme park and attractions industry about the free social distancing and attraction management solution.

The Crowd Solo app is designed to help single ticket admission destinations re-open safely in the wake of Covid-19.

To answer queries and questions about the app, Holovis is hosting a live webinar on Tuesday April 28 at 3pm BST (6pm GST, 10am EDT and 7am PDT). The webinar is being hosted by Holovis’ creative director Peter Cliff and development director Jos van der Steen. The hosts will showcase the features of the app, demonstrate how it works and discuss its benefits for operators and guests. Webinar attendees will be able to ask questions and take the next steps in registering their interest.

As Peter Cliff explains: “We have had an unprecedented response to this from such a wide demographic within the industry, including theme parks of varying sizes, indoor and outdoor family entertainment destinations, heritage sites, museums, agritainment venues, zoos and aquariums. This has been really great to see as it shows that we are on the right track with this idea and together with the industry we can shape it to be a transformative solution when it comes to getting guests back through the doors.

“We believe that Crowd Solo has the functionality to provide a solution for all types of themed entertainment destinations so are still urging people to get in touch to tell us about their use cases so we can begin our collaboration and development,” Cliff continued.

To register to attend the Crowd Solo webinar, click here.



Holovis, specialists in creating immersive and mixed reality to engage audiences, has developed a social distancing app. The Crowd Solo app is designed to help themed entertainment venues reopen safely following closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The app features a reservation and queue management system with real-time alerts. The purpose of the app is to ensure venues avoid crowd hotspots by providing operators with instant insights into the movement of guests.

Crowd Zero is powered by Holovis DeepSmarts data analytics engine, which visualises the movement of guests. With tracking capability, guests are made aware of social distance metrics from other visitors. Guests are alerted when they get too close to other visitors via audible and vibration feedback.

The app will be free to all single ticket destinations, including theme parks, museums, cultural centres and zoos.

Holovis is looking for feedback from the industry to support further development of the app. As Peter Cliff, creative director at Holovis, says: “We are committed to helping the industry that we love get back on its feet as quickly and as safely as possible. It looks likely that the need for some form of safe crowd management will be around for the foreseeable future meaning attractions and entertainment venues will have to adapt and learn to operate differently in order to give guests peace of mind and confidence to re-visit.

“We believe Crowd Solo could significantly assist with this process, whilst remaining socially responsible whilst creating safe places to visit. Based on informal conversations, our initial concepts have been positively received, so we are now ready to test market appetite more thoroughly. The basic app will be available in the next four to six weeks,” Cliff added.



An interesting development in the world of Gyro VR motion systems should lead to plenty of technological innovations in the future of the field. One of the world’s pre-eminent experience designers has joined forces with a leading digital agency and manufacturer to exclusively supply the Gyro VR system in Europe as well as innovate new developments together.

Holovis specialise in multisensory, immersive and interactive platforms, serving global destination attractions and entertainment venues with emerging disruptive technology and transformational solutions. Their new partner, Sanghwa, is one of the top digital agencies in Korea and the manufacturer of the Gyro VR motion system.

The Gyro VR motion system is a 360-degree spinning rig that allows people to experience real-time movement during a virtual journey which can include complete rotations. The two companies have already developed an exclusive 2-DOF Gyro VR system together, which is a 360-rotating motion system rig designed to fit in spaces with a ceiling height of less than 2.2 metres. The major contribution to this new rig provided by Holovis is the addition of customised middleware and enhanced interactivity. They have also introduced new IP-led content that enables the creation of unique programme paths.

The enhanced interactivity means guests experiencing the Gyro VR system will be able to influence the virtual journey they are undertaking, changing the path they ‘travel’ upon and thus create a unique and personal experience.



Holovis, specialists in the creation of immersive and mixed experimental design, has partnered with D-Box, manufacturers of motion systems, to bring the next generation of highly precise, dynamic motion into the flight simulation experience.

The Descent is a multisensory, fully immersive, adrenaline-pumped virtually reality experience, which takes visitors on a journey where through a cave system infested by creatures as they battle for survival.

The VR experience combines cinematic effects, real-life gaming, 3D soundscapes and immersive audio triggered events, to ensure each experience is unique from the next, as guests reach further into the caves.

Four D-Box Actuators create 1.5 inches of heave on the standing motion platform, helping to propel guests into thrilling encounters with terrifying creatures as they make their way through the cave.

Holovis decided to team up with D-Box on the project, as the innovative company can generate more than 65,000 different motion cues, including movements, textures and vibrations, designed to enhance the realism of the experience.

As Peter Cliff, creative director of Holovis, explains: “We have long been championing fully multisensory, connected experiences that go beyond just the visuals to include advanced sound design, integrated SFX and precise synchronised motion. Working alongside D-BOX to harness its motion capability we are further advancing this experiential layer of storytelling with a solution that is scalable from e-ticket attractions through to these next generation attractions that are now accessible to FECs and more compact entertainment spaces.”

Yannick Gemme, sales vice president at D-BOX, commented: “Our motion system stems from decades of simulation engineering in dynamic fields such as flight simulation, construction equipment simulation, cinematic entertainment and racing simulation. We consistently apply the very same level of engineering precision to deliver the highest level of immersiveness in all types of applications in the attractions industry.

“The system also presents clients with a low total cost of ownership, as the operation of a D-BOX powered attraction requires little to no maintenance. Its seamless integration ensures that attraction remains user friendly all while requiring minimal training and knowledge for operators,” Gemme added.

The Descent is being showcased at EAG Expo at Booth 355, which is running from the 14 – 16 January, 2020.



Discovery Destinations, delivers of location-based entertainment, has set up a strategic partnership with technology experience designer Holovis, in a bid to take immersive experiences to the next level.

The collaboration is designed to bring new dimensions into the multisensory and immersive environments, as a means of informing, inspiring and entertaining guests through memorable experiences.

As Christine Wacker, vice president of Discovery describes: “Through our partnership with Holovis we are aiming to engage all five senses to deliver sensational experiences that have never been done before with our content.

“The immersive environments will feature surround, seamless and all-encompassing visuals, spatial audio, SFX including gentle winds and mists, scent to complement the scenes and a fully themed menu, enabling guests to go on spectacular journeys around the world and enjoy authentic cuisine in these stunning environments.

“This will make the experiences even more powerful and ultimately memorable. Our guests will be very excited to partake in these events,” continued Wacker.

Holovis will be working on delivering bespoke, turnkey and scalable technical solutions for the likes of themed entertainment spaces, live shows, hotels, exhibitions and cruise ships. The tailored solutions will combine complex AV, emerging technologies and intuitive interactivity.

Heidi Pinchal, business development at Holovis, spoke about the aims of the new immersive technology: “We will also be looking at ways to extend andnhance the experience even further utilising our proprietary software suites such as HoloTrac.

“Guests are identified through a powerful attribute recognition engine and their personalised adventures are driven through modules including gesture and object recognition. This allows for frictionless and intuitive interaction with the space to enjoy nonlinear narratives and experiences.

“By putting them in control of their own adventure they can influence the virtual world around them for experiences that are different every time depending on their interests, mood and how they choose to engage,” added Pinchal.



Lego Factory Adventure, the first ride experience in the world to feature technology which turns visitors into Lego minifigures, is to be implemented into Legoland New York Resort, Holovis and ETF Ride Systems.

Using the world’s first on-ride tracking technology, Lego Factory Adventure will identify the characteristics of riders,  while mapping their position in the virtual space. It will then transform riders into Lego Minifigures.

Utilising motion tracking, the Lego Minifigures will be able to move as the guests move.

Legoland New York will be implementing this innovative technology. The new Legoland is opening on July 4, 2020 in Hudson Valley. With over 50 rides, attractions and shows stretching across 150 acres and seven themed lands, Legoland New York will be the largest Legoland ever built.

The news was revealed by Holovis and Merlin Entertainment at IAAPA Expo 2019 in Orlando.

Julie Estrada, head of PR North America for Merlin Entertainments said: “Merlin Entertainments continues to grow in North America with more than 30 attractions and is already pushing boundaries with the Lego Factory Adventure before Legoland New York even opens.

“Imagine traveling through a Lego Factory and suddenly seeing yourself as a Lego Minifigure! With vision in hand, we looked to two of the world’s leading developers, Holovis and ETF Ride Systems, to create this first of its kind dark ride experience.

“I can’t wait to see the looks on our guests’ faces when they experience it,” Estrada continued.

Peter Cliff, creative director at Holovis, a leading experience designer, shared his enthusiasm for the new technology: “At Holovis, we pride ourselves on the ability to own the entire technical experience, so the delivery of the Lego Factory Adventure is the perfect project for our turnkey, in-house capability,” said Cliff.

“Working alongside Merlin Entertainments, we have created the ultimate in on-ride guest personalisation and the ETF trackless motion vehicle integrates perfectly with the non-linear ride experience.

“The Lego Minifigure transformation is the textbook use for our HoloTrac technology, and since it’s completely invisible to the guest, the experience feels like real magic when the moment occurs,” Cliff added.

Lego Factory Adventure vehicles have been created by ride manufacturer, ETF Ride Systems. As guests spin in their vehicles, they will face a screen, where they will watch their vehicle turn into Lego as they transform into a Lego Minifigure.

Ruud Koppens, CEO of ETF Ride Systems, said: “The vehicle we created for the Lego Factory Adventure is meant to make guests feel as if they are a part of the automatic robot machinery that you would see in a Lego factory.

“We’ve never done this kind of ride before that is based on reality versus fantasy and we are very excited to work with Holovis and Merlin Entertainments to make this happen!”



Yes, you did read the title correctly!

Legoland New York Resort, Holovis and ETF Ride Systems are to unveil the world’s first attraction experience, which features technology that turns riders into Lego minifigures.

Named the Lego Factory Adventure ride, the new attraction is to be revealed at IAAPA Expo in Orlando on November 19.

It will be the first ride in the world to feature Holovis’ proprietary HoloTrac technology, which enables visitors to view themselves transformed into Lego minifigures.

The Legoland New York resort is due to host its Grand Opening event on July 4, 2020, which will be home to the ground-breaking new attraction.

Attendees visiting IAAPA Expo Orlando will be able to receive exclusive demonstrations of this revolutionary technology and listen to keynote speakers talking about Legoland New York Resort’s Lego Factory Adventure ride.

Attendees will have the opportunity to speak to Julie Estrada, head of public relations North America at Merlin Entertainments, Stuart Hetherington, CEO of Holovis, and Ruud Koppens, CEO of ETF Ride Systems.

All three companies have collaborated to develop the highly awaited Lego Factory Adventure ride.



Holovis, specialists in the design of immersive and mixed reality to engage audiences, is expanding, with new offices and facilities in the US, UK and Ukraine.

Part of the company’s international expansion includes the acquisition of a 7,000 sq. ft. warehouse next to its current offices in Orlando. The warehouse will be used for demonstrations and project builds, to create mock-ups of projects.

In Manchester, UK, Holovis is to launch an Innovation Hub and new offices, joining a creative co-working space at the innovative Media City. Holovis joins as an anchor partner, supporting digitally centred small businesses, providing them with collaboration opportunities and access to new data capture and interrogation platforms.

In Kyiv, Ukraine, Holovis has launched a Development Hub, predominantly focused on the development of software. A local and high specialised team of software experts are working on tools and next generation propriety platforms to revolutionise connectivity of data and collaboration.

Stuart Hetherington, CEO of Holovis, spoke of the global expansion, stating: “This is a very exciting time, the scope and scale of work we are winning and delivering is growing significantly in all territories, something that we feel is reflected by the current buoyancy of the industry.

“We are continuing to expand and recruit on a global basis for our UK, Orlando, Ukraine and China offices, as we continue to push the boundaries of themed entertainment with world-first solutions and applications of emerging technologies,” said Hetherington.



In a bid to immerse visitors into the city’ history, Liverpool’s iconic Royal Liver Building has undergone a significant physical and virtual transformation.

The transformation includes an interactive Augmented Reality app, which enables visitors to take a closer look at the architectural design of the building and marvel at the stunning views from the building’s 15th floor.

The Royal Liver Building 360 experience opened in April this year. The Viewing Platform and the Clock Tower, both of which are larger than Big Ben, are now open to the public, for the first time in the building’s 111-year history.

A free Visitor Centre located on the Lower Ground Floor is also now open to the public.

An immersive projection mapped show, delivered as a turnkey production by Holovis, brings the Clock Tower to life.

The show tells the story of Liverpool, tracing the city’s industrial boom of the late 1800s to the destruction the war had on the city, up until the present day and Liverpool’s vibrant culture.

With 270-degree visuals, surround sound with an original score and sound effects, and by using the internal walls of the Clock Tower, guests are fully immersed into Liverpool’s unique story.

Peter Cliff, creative director at Holovis, commented on the iconic building’s transformation.

“The discoveries that guests make in the Visitor Centre allow them to customise their visit, by unlocking more secrets that are akin to their interests. As they progress on the 360 experience, the moments from the app perfectly compliment the narrative of their guide, which is as entertaining as it is educational.

“We have added a layer of adventure and gamification to the experience, which encourages visitors to further engage. It has also given the attraction an exciting digital platform, without the need for expensive and sometimes impractical screens, especially when working in a Grade 1* listed building.

“The app is a great addition to the experience that is helping guests get more immersed into the history of the building and the wider story of the glorious city of Liverpool,” said Cliff.

Chris Devaney, Operations Manager for RLB360, said:

“We’re really pleased with all the positive feedback the RLB360 tower tour has been receiving from our visitors and we’re proud to already be ranked in the top 10 things to do in Liverpool on TripAdvisor.

“People using the app also have an opportunity to further explore not only architect W.A Thomas’s connection to the city with Google Maps linked guide to his other buildings, but also to go out and find Bella & Bertie’s extended Liver Bird family.

“It’s been a fantastic opening three months and the launch of the app is just one of the exciting announcements we’ve got coming up this summer.”