The Toverland theme park in Sevenum, Netherlands, has announced a series of safety measures the park is planning for when it reopens following closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Toverland’s director, Jean Gelissen, the park is considering limiting its visitor numbers. “We are thinking about working with time slots. We will have to spread. People who don’t know each other will probably no longer be able to coexist,” said Gelissen.

Bellewaerde theme park in Belgium is planning to put similar measures in place when it reopens, including capping the number of visitors to the park initially to 4,000. With fewer guests, people will be able to spread out more and keep a safer distance from each other.

Bellewaerde is also going to place distance markers around the park where people form queues, bring in additional cleaning routines and ensure staff where masks, to help maintain the social distancing implementing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.



The Toverland theme park in the Netherlands enjoyed another record number of visitors during 2019. It is the second year in a row the Attractiepark Toverland has enjoyed a record breaking visitor count.

Last year saw 862,000 people visit the park in Sevenum, a town in the south eastern part of the country. That is an increase of 50,000 visitors compared to 2018, which itself saw a massive spike in visitor numbers from 2017.

Toverland’s General Director, Jean Gelissen Jr. said: “We are extremely proud of this increase in visitor numbers. We have made huge investments in areas like expansion and park events. Therefore, it is great to see that we are doing the right thing, which is backed-up by our visitor numbers and a guest rating of 9+.”

The surge in visitor numbers is likely down to several factors, including the opening of a new theme area called Avalon in the summer of 2018, also helping bump that year’s visitor numbers up. There is also a new entrance called Port Laguna, plus the huge investment also saw the size of Toverland increase by one-and-a-half. The park also hosts multiple popular events through the year which also contribute to attracting more and more guests.

Toverland is hoping to ultimately break the 1 million visitors threshold and is planning on hosting more events and extending their opening hours to achieve it. There will also be further expansions and a four-star hotel coming soon.



Toverland in the Netherlands has given a preview of what visitors to the amusement park can expect in 2020.

One alteration will be the extension of the opening hours during the summer holiday when the park will remain open until 20:00 hours.

As well as longer opening hours, visitors will be able to enjoy an exciting programme comprising of more events than ever. 12 Midsummer Evenings and 14 Halloween Nights will be held in the park in 2020, eight evenings more than in 2019. On the evenings that these events take place, Toverland will remain open until 23:00 hours.

The summer season will begin earlier than normal, with the theme park opening during the carnival school holiday and the weekends that follow.

In November and December 2020, Toverland will open its doors to the public on the weekends and during the Christmas school holiday.

Jean Gelissen Jr., director general at Toverland, spoke about the new opening times: “We can create more magical moments of happiness by allowing our guests more time to visit us.

“Events that give an extra dimension to our guest’s overall experience. We want the ability to offer yet more guests the opportunity to come and experience this for themselves,” said Gelissen Jr.

Another notable feature of the 2020 season at Toverland is the return of the Youtubers x Toverland event, which is taking place on Sunday May 17, when guests will be able to meet their favourite YouTubers during their visit to the theme park.



Toverland, the popular theme park in Sevenum, Netherlands, has announced details of its Halloween Nights event that’s taking place in October on the run up to Halloween, including an entirely new walkthrough experience.

More than 100 actors will put on frightening performances for guests in five different scary zones, two haunted castles and a hellish maze known as ‘Trapped’, which features rat-like creatures.

New to this year’s Halloween Nights event, is a walkthrough experience, known as ‘The Witches Forest.” The terrifying trail meanders through woodland on the edge of the theme park behind the Avalon area.

Brave visitors can enter The Witches Forest at their peril and go in search of a missing forest ranger.

David Slob, creative leader entertainment at the park, commented about the walkthrough experience.

“In darkness they walk a 10-minute route across misty winding footpaths.

“The Witches Forest is a place where witches rule and dark rituals are performed. Visitors are warned, because not everybody returns from this haunted forest,” said Slob.

A spectacular firework display will be held to mark the end of each Halloween Nights evening.

Halloween Nights are taking place at Toverland on 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 25 and 26 October 2019.



Midsummer Evenings are being presented at Toverland in Sevenum, Netherlands, with extra shows, live entertainment and special characters.

These special evenings are running for five Wednesday evenings and five Saturday evenings and will revolve around the park’s annual event known as Midsummer Evenings.

At the end of the ten evenings, a magical firework display will take place.

During Midsummer Evenings, each of the different themed areas in the park are brought to life with its own entertainment.

The park’s entrance, Port Laguna, will greet guests with swinging music, a human statue and a magical caricaturist.

The tales of Merlin are being told at the Legends of Avalon with the famous wizard and troubadours playing their medieval music at the Flaming Feather inn.

‘Stimmung und Spaß’ will fill the Biergarten and memorable firework displays will light up the sky at the wooden rollercoaster Troy.

Visitors are also able to go on various water attractions throughout the evening and embark on a rollercoaster ride at sunset.

A new show called ‘The Battle of Port Laguna’ will be performed at Toverland until August 25. The show involves a battle between good and evil taking place on a stranded ship stage, ending in a 25-metre death dive.

The Midsummer Evenings take place every Wednesday and Saturday from 17 July until 17 August 2019.