Dream Island has announced the characters that will meeting and greeting guests in 2020.

Smurfs, Dracula, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hello Kitty, among others, will be meeting guests is a series of regular meet-and-greet sessions planned for the Moscow theme park this year.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle favourites, including Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo, will be entertaining guests arriving at the park during the sessions.

Olya and Maxim will be mingling with visitors at the park’s Dream Race zone, while the three snowmen and a polar bear will be regular characters at the Snow Queen’s Castle.

Dracula and his cronies Frankenstein, Murray the Mummy and daughter Mavis, will be greeting guests at the park’s Hotel Transylvania.

The Lost World of Dinosaurs will be home to Mowgli and Baloo, as Smurf favourites including Papa Smurf and Smurfette will be causing a stir at Smurfs Village.

Dmity Ragozin, head of shows and entertainment at Dream Island, commented on the new sessions: “Meet-and-greet sessions with animated heroes is an essential part of theme parks all over world and our Dream island won’t be an exception.

“In each of the eight themed zones visitors will be greeted by favourite heroes, with whom it will be possible to take photos, take autographs or just hug,” Ragozin added.



MMoscow’s Dream Island has completed the installation of the Flight in the Tunnel rollercoaster in the park’s new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle zone

The Flight in the Tunnel is been manufactured by thrill ride design and manufacture specialists, Intamin.

The immersive rollercoaster takes thrill seekers on a high-speed journey through New York’s underground tunnels, in what is said to be one of the most extreme attractions in the new themed zone.

The rollercoaster hurtles down a 500-metre track of loops, turns and free falls, reaching heights of 24 metres. At a speed of 80kph, riders will fall into a dead loop, where they will be greeted by lighting and sound effects.

Dream Island’s technical director, Ivan Shol, said: “At Dream Island, we primarily focus on using the latest trends – such as interactivity, multimedia content, VR technology.

“This will allow guests not only to enjoy the speed, dead loops and technical components of the rides, but also be transported to the fairy tale world, where each of us dreamed of visiting in childhood.”

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed zone is due to be completed in October. As well as the Flight in the Tunnel, the area will be home to a drop tower ride and the Hammer of Doom.



Dream Island has confirmed it has completed the installation of its new ‘Hammer of Doom’ attraction in the ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ area of the Moscow theme park.

‘Hammer of Doom’ is a giant swing ride, described as one of the most extreme rides at Dream Island. Thrill-seekers sit with their backs to one another on a round landing disk, which begins to swing and turns riders upside down.

The attraction can seat 32 passengers and reaches a maximum height of 15.6 metres.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles area of the theme park replicates New York. The zone is due to be completed in October 2019.

As well as three attractions, including the ‘Drop Tower Ride’, the ‘Launch Coaster’ and the ‘Hammer of Doom’, the themed zone will feature gift shops, three fast food outlets and an Antonio’s Pizzeria. The area will also feature a ‘Ninjutsu School.’

The addition of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles area takes the total themed zones at Dream Island to eight, with the park comprising of 27 rides, themed restaurants, cafes and shops.



Dream Island theme park in Moscow has installed three more attractions in its thematic zone known as ‘The Lost World of Dinosaurs,’ also referred to as ‘Mowgli in the Land of Dinosaurs.’

The recently installed rides include the ‘City of Apes’, the ‘Cobra’ and ‘Dinosafari.’ The new attractions in what is the largest thematic zone at Dream Island, are designed for all the family.

The ‘City of Apes’ is a 12-cart carousel. The ‘Cobra’ features spinning seats on a large disk, and ‘Dinosafari’ comprises of safari jeep style cars that go along a 100-metre track that meanders through a jungle.

Dream Island’s technical director, Ivan Shol, commented on the new attractions.

“Mowgli in the Land of Dinosaurs is one of the most interesting areas of the theme park, which is not like the others.

“It’s the largest in area at 13,000 square meters. The characters were designed and painted by Russian artists specifically for Dream Island.

“Thirdly, it is also the most diverse part of the park: it immediately housed eight attractions – this is more than in other thematic areas.

“Lovers of adrenaline, fans of a relaxing holiday, both adults and children can find entertainment to their taste,” Shol added.

Moscow’s Dream Island features eight different thematic zones, with a total of 27 rides ranging from a dark coaster, family-friendly rides and extreme rides.



Moscow’s Dream Island theme park has completed its themed area known as the ‘Lost World of Dinosaurs.’

The ‘Lost World of Dinosaurs’ spans for 13,000 square metres and is the largest themed area of the Dream Island resort. The area features eight rides, including an immersive ‘Temple of Fire’ experience, which is based on an Indiana Jones theme.

The story behind the Lost World of Dinosaurs zone is that Mowgli was travelling through the Lost Valley and entered the Land of Dinosaurs. After receiving advice from the python Kaa, Mowgli makes it his mission to find the magic flower of Majelba, so he can save Baloo the Bear.

Speaking about the new themed zone, Ivan Scholl, technical director of Dream Island, said:

“To implement our large-scale idea and control the entire process of architectural work, we turned to foreign expertise and invited, for example, an art director from Italy with extensive experience in implementing projects in European parks.

“Most of the sketches and solutions came out of his pencil. Sculptors and artists who create decorative elements of thematic areas are quite rare and very valuable.”

Dream Island is to feature eight different themed zones, comprising of a total of 27 rides, including some extreme rides and a dark ride coaster.

Dream Island is due to open sometime in 2019.



Dream Island, Moscow’s new indoor theme park, appears to be on track to open later in 2019, with the installation of the park’s ‘Smurfs Village.’

The themed zone area will feature a playground, five rides, a sweet shop named ‘Sweets from Smurfetta,’ a café, and the ‘House of the Pope Smurf’ gift shop.

The rides include a carousel known as the ‘Crazy Master’s Invention,’ which has 16 seats, all of which resemble some type of dessert.

The Surfs themed area is one of the most environmentally friendly areas of the theme park.

Ivon Scholl, technical director at Dream Island, described the new themed zone.

“The zone is focused mainly on children. There are no extreme rides here, they are all quite calm and accessible for children from 1 to 1.1 meters tall.

“Smurfs Village is themed according to the cartoon story, the characters will live in mushroom houses, each attraction also has its own unique style – it is either a mushroom, or storks hovering over the village, or the mysterious Gargamel Tower that hides a secret lab for the preparation of magic potions,” Scholl added.

The first phase of construction for the theme park began in early 2018. The venue will be home to 40 attractions, including a dark ride rollercoaster that can reach speeds of 80 kmph.

Another key attraction of Dream Island is a flying theatre known as ‘Flight into the World of Dinosaurs.’