Dream Island theme park in Moscow has installed three more attractions in its thematic zone known as ‘The Lost World of Dinosaurs,’ also referred to as ‘Mowgli in the Land of Dinosaurs.’

The recently installed rides include the ‘City of Apes’, the ‘Cobra’ and ‘Dinosafari.’ The new attractions in what is the largest thematic zone at Dream Island, are designed for all the family.

The ‘City of Apes’ is a 12-cart carousel. The ‘Cobra’ features spinning seats on a large disk, and ‘Dinosafari’ comprises of safari jeep style cars that go along a 100-metre track that meanders through a jungle.

Dream Island’s technical director, Ivan Shol, commented on the new attractions.

“Mowgli in the Land of Dinosaurs is one of the most interesting areas of the theme park, which is not like the others.

“It’s the largest in area at 13,000 square meters. The characters were designed and painted by Russian artists specifically for Dream Island.

“Thirdly, it is also the most diverse part of the park: it immediately housed eight attractions – this is more than in other thematic areas.

“Lovers of adrenaline, fans of a relaxing holiday, both adults and children can find entertainment to their taste,” Shol added.

Moscow’s Dream Island features eight different thematic zones, with a total of 27 rides ranging from a dark coaster, family-friendly rides and extreme rides.