The highly awaited indoor water world, Rulantica, has officially opened at Europa-Park. The €180 million indoor waterpark stretches across 32,600 and features nine themed settings, 25 water attractions, including 17 sides developed by waterpark attraction specialists ProSlide.

The Scandinavian-style waterpark took 26 months in construction. As well as Scandinavian-type landscapes, the waterpark comprises of mystical scenes and imaginative designs.

One key feature of the waterpark is ‘Trølldal’, a water playground for children, comprising of rocks and trees which are inhabited by trolls. Youngsters can have fun in the shallow pool, featuring playing and climbing facilities and slides.

An indoor lazy river meanders its way through ‘Trølldal,’ which is occupied by a loveable octopus named Snorri.

A colourful grotto with a wave pool and huge waterfall is another focal point of the new waterpark.

An adventure pool known as ‘Skip Strand’ comprises of a sunken vessel, flanked by a network of ropes, masts and nets. The ‘Hoppablad’ is another obstacle course at the waterpark, where visitors can jump on floating debris.

Other notable features include slides that whizz past a frozen sea snake named Svalgur, the Isbrekker jump slide, the ‘Vinter Rytt’ steep-wall slide, and the ‘Svalgur Rytt’ rafting slide.



Magic Memories, a world leader in developing innovative experience capture, has announced it is experiencing sustained investment and growth across the United States, with a total of nine partners re-signing with the brand during the last three months.

Amongst those re-signing with Magic Memories are Merlin Orlando, Jelly Baby, Houston Aquarium and NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Magic Memories works with attraction sites and theme parks around the world, helping operators provide more engaging memories for their visitors both during the visit and afterwards.

Magic Memories’ latest product, MyMemories is designed to improve the digital experience of guests while simultaneously helping attraction resorts increase engagement and revenue.

With the MyMemories platform, guests can access and purchase digital captures when they have left the attraction, thus enabling operators to interact with visitors for a longer duration.

Chris Warhurst, Magic Memories’ CEO, commented on the company’s continued success: “We’re delighted to have seen such a high number of extended partnerships in North America across the last three months. This really proves the importance of continued investment into new products and technologies to create a platform that meets the needs of guests, today and into the future.

“By thoroughly understanding our partners’ goals for the guest experience, as well as the brand, we are able to create compelling, engaging content that will really surprise guests. By getting this mix right, our partners are able to benefit from much higher guest participation, increased social sharing of the brand and the ability to create new revenue streams like never before,” Warhurst added.



RIU Hotels & Resorts, the Spanish hotel chain, has opened the Splash Water World waterpark at the Hotel Riu Guanacaste in Costa Rica.

The waterpark is home to five waterslides, including two tube slides and a four-lane Aquaracer slide. The waterpark also features a mini splash pad for children.

Water sport facilities are available at the site, including kayaking and sailing. Splash Water World is located at the entrance of Riu Guanacaste.

At Hotel Riu Palace Costa Rica guests can enjoy a spa and visit a casino.

Entrance to Splash Water World is free and unlimited for guests staying at the Riu Guanacaste or the Riu Palace Costa.

Both hotels are situated on Matapalo Beach on the tip of the Osa Peninsula.



Snow White’s Scary Adventures in Fantasyland is to undergo a major refurbishment in 2020, with old show props, scenes and sets to be replaced with new ones.

As well as new props and sets, the $445,000 refurbishment will include the installation of new structural beams, the renovation of rock work and electrical upgrades. Suggestions have also been made that projector platforms will feature in the attraction to create special effects.

Snow White’s Scary Adventures opened in 1955 at Disneyland Resort, alongside Mr Toad’s Wild Ride, Peter Pan’s Flight, Mad Tea Party and King Arthur Carousel.

In 2015, Peter Pan’s Flight was significantly refurbished. In 2003, King Arthur Carousel was restored and a year later work was carried out on the Mad Tea Party.



Imagine Leisure, a leading consultant and developer in the leisure and attractions industry, has announced it has acquired the ‘Het Sprookjesbos’ Valkenburg theme park, located in the south of the Netherlands.

The theme park boosts a fairy tale theme and is a popular destination for families with young children. Since mid-2019, Innoxite has been operating the theme park and, by making improvements to operations, marketing and merchandising, has successfully increased turnover.

Imaging Leisure plan to introduce new attractions at the site and improve the overall theming. Some of the new attractions are already under construction at Het Sprookjesbos, including a Flying Carpet and a stone-age themed train.

The two park operators have developed an extensive strategic plan designed to improve the facilities and guest experience of the attractions site. The park will also decrease its weather dependency factor and host events designed to attract larger numbers of visitors.

Implementing its successful ‘Dream, Develop, Do’ process, Imagine Leisure will provide the complete project management of the Netherlands’ family theme park.



WhiteWater, specialists in developing award-winning water attractions, were the winners of multiple Brass Awards at IAAPA Expo 2019 in Orlando.

The Expo’s Brass Awards are awarded to organisations, individuals and parks for showing creativity in the creation of themes, facilities, products, concepts, services, programs and more.

One Brass Award WhiteWater received was for the Over/Under in the Best New Product: Waterpark Ride/Attraction category. The Over/Under is located at Guangzhou Sunac Waterpark and is the world’s first interactive multi-player gaming water slide.

The ride features WhiteWater’s first installation of Team Slideboarding and Double Exit Mantra. Teams are challenged to work together to score sufficient points to be awarded with an exciting lap of victory.

The innovative attraction design and manufacture company also picked up a Brass Ring Award for Spinning Rapids Ride in the Best New Product category.

Lava Drifting is installed in Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, China, and is the longest spinning rapids ride in the world. The attraction is also the world’s first spinning rapids ride with actual rapid rivers. The ride is themed as a volcano and fuses spins and twists to take guests on a thrilling, 1km-long journey.

WhiteWater’s Tailspin also won a Brass Ring Award for the Best New Product: Waterpark Ride/Attraction category.

The Tailspin creates a memorable ride experience by combining physical and visual sensations. The ride fuses a disc with a helix, combining the rapid descent of a flume with the high-banking rotations of a bowl. Pinned to the outside of a wall, riders are spiralled downwards at speeds reaching 25kmph.

Geoff Chutter, president and CEO of WhiteWater, commented: “We’re incredibly excited to have Tailspin recognised by IAAPA as a ground-breaking slide. Every park, from small municipal recreation centres to sprawling water parks aim to provide their guests with safe and fun attractions; on top of that, all parks look to have unique and iconic rides to differentiate themselves and to help drive their gate. Tailspin delivers all of this and more.”



S&S Worldwide, a global leader in the manufacturing of vertical and family thrill rides, has announced a new product to its line-up – the Axis Coaster.

Utilising its patented and proven 4D rotating vehicle technology, S&S has reimagined rollercoaster dynamics. Fluid movements are a key feature of the new AXIS rollercoaster, giving riders the feeling of flying, which is unique to the Axis.

The ride rotates around the axis of the track, meaning riders might be positioned above, below or to the side of the track. The coaster is available in custom layouts, so it is suitable for a wide variety of space constraints. It can also be designed as a high-thrill ride or a family friendly coaster.

Preston Perkes, director of administration at S&S, commented: “This ride has been in the works for three years now. It started as a concept from one of our employees and evolved to what we are bringing to the market today. There are things you can do on this coaster that you can’t do on any other ride.”

Josh Hays, executive director of sales at S&S, said: “I am thrilled that we can offer a ride like this to our customers. This is truly an original ride that provides an experience unlike any other to its riders. It’s the kind of ride that people will see on TV and say, ‘I have to ride that!’”



360 Play, the popular family destination featuring a range of fun activities for children, played host to the southern regional FEC meeting for BALPPA (British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions).

Industry leaders attending the prestigious event listened to a keynote speech by Duncan Phillips, founder and managing director of 360 Play, as well as talks from other industry specialists. Discussions ranged from sustainable practices within the industry to food trends and more.

Phillips shared his enthusiasm for hosting the event, saying: “It was a fantastic opportunity for this region to welcome industry leaders and innovation companies who are using digital technology and modern food techniques to see where the attractions sector can make necessary changes to the way we work for the future.

“I was also delighted to be able to share the journey we started here in Milton Keynes to become the largest operators in this sector,” Phillips added.

360 Play are based in Knowlhill, Milton Keynes. The company develops play structures, carousels, bumper cars, and other activities designed for all ages of children, from toddlers to 12-years-olds. The activities are also created so adults can join in the fun, providing the ultimate family day out.



ProSlide Technology, a leading designer and manufacturer of water rides and attractions, was awarded a winner of the Impact Awards at IAAPA Expo 2019 in Orlando.

The award was in recognition of the company’s Dueling PIPElineBLAST/FlyingSAUCER Water Coaster. It is the fourth time ProSlide have been given the accolade of Impact Award winners.

The esteemed Impact Award is presented to a Best New Products winner at the Brass Ring Awards, for a product or achievement that is likely to have the most significant impact on the attractions industry in the foreseeable future.

The Dueling PIPElineBLAST/FlyingSAUCER Water Coaster also won a Brass Ring Award at IAAPA Expo 2019 for Best New Water Ride.

With over 52 ride path variations, the Dueling PIPElineBLAST/FlyingSAUCER Water Coaster is designed to provide riders with a thrilling speed racing experience. The attraction starts in a bobsled racing style. Guests get to face off, side-by-side during the race’s RallyPOINTS. Highspeed inclines add to the excitement, which are powered by RocketBLAST jet propulsion.

Rick Hunter, chairman and CEO of ProSlide, commented on receiving the award: We are honoured to receive this year’s IAAPA Impact Award and our 4th since 2003. Passion for ride design and innovation is in our DNA and we’re committed to transforming waterparks with high-performance, authentic water rides.

“We’re proud to work with Splashway Water Park on this incredible new Water Coaster and we will continue to vision the next generation of great water rides in the Water Coaster category,” Hunter continued.



Movie Park Germany has announced a successful 2019 season, ending the year with an increase in visitor numbers of 7% compared to 2018. PAW Patrol, Area 51 – Top Secret and Halloween Horror Festival, have played their part in attracting guests to the theme park throughout the 2019 season.

As Thorsten Backhaus, Movie Park Germany’s managing director, commented: “We are pleased about this positive development. This year, we presented our visitors with several new attractions that were very well received. With the new PAW Patrol ‘Adventure Bay’ area, we were able to draw the attention of numerous families with children to Movie Park Germany and address our target group even better.

“With the redesign of ‘Area 51 – Top Secret’, we were also able to convince guests and to expand our quality strategy,” Backhaus added.

The PAW Patrol themed area “Adventure Bay” opened at the park in May 2019, giving families the opportunity to journey into fantasy lands based on the Paw Patrol series.

“Area 51 – Top Secret” opened in the summer of 2019, and the park also underwent a redesign of its popular family attraction “Bermuda Triangle,” whereby guests are involved in a new storyline centred on the famous restricted US military area near Groom Lake in the Nevada desert.

The favourable weather also helped pull in the visitors, as Backhaus noted: “In addition to new attractions, this year’s weather was also very favorable – both the good weather at Easter and a summer without a big heat wave.

“The developments of our tour operator Movie Park Holidays are also very pleasing. Numerous visitors have taken the opportunity to spend two days in the park. We were able to further intensify the good cooperation with more than 50 partner hotels,” he added.

The park’s 21st Halloween Horror Festival was another success story. As the event’s project manager Manuel Prossotowicz explained: “We are very satisfied with the Halloween Horror Festival 2019, and the ideas that our team implemented this year. We are especially proud of the new horror attraction ‘Project Ningyo’. The horror house was really well received by visitors. The extension of our Halloween days paid off so we will again offer 23 event days next year.”

Movie Park Germany will reopen on March 27, 2020, with new attractions, highlights and surprises.