Movie Park Germany has announced a successful 2019 season, ending the year with an increase in visitor numbers of 7% compared to 2018. PAW Patrol, Area 51 – Top Secret and Halloween Horror Festival, have played their part in attracting guests to the theme park throughout the 2019 season.

As Thorsten Backhaus, Movie Park Germany’s managing director, commented: “We are pleased about this positive development. This year, we presented our visitors with several new attractions that were very well received. With the new PAW Patrol ‘Adventure Bay’ area, we were able to draw the attention of numerous families with children to Movie Park Germany and address our target group even better.

“With the redesign of ‘Area 51 – Top Secret’, we were also able to convince guests and to expand our quality strategy,” Backhaus added.

The PAW Patrol themed area “Adventure Bay” opened at the park in May 2019, giving families the opportunity to journey into fantasy lands based on the Paw Patrol series.

“Area 51 – Top Secret” opened in the summer of 2019, and the park also underwent a redesign of its popular family attraction “Bermuda Triangle,” whereby guests are involved in a new storyline centred on the famous restricted US military area near Groom Lake in the Nevada desert.

The favourable weather also helped pull in the visitors, as Backhaus noted: “In addition to new attractions, this year’s weather was also very favorable – both the good weather at Easter and a summer without a big heat wave.

“The developments of our tour operator Movie Park Holidays are also very pleasing. Numerous visitors have taken the opportunity to spend two days in the park. We were able to further intensify the good cooperation with more than 50 partner hotels,” he added.

The park’s 21st Halloween Horror Festival was another success story. As the event’s project manager Manuel Prossotowicz explained: “We are very satisfied with the Halloween Horror Festival 2019, and the ideas that our team implemented this year. We are especially proud of the new horror attraction ‘Project Ningyo’. The horror house was really well received by visitors. The extension of our Halloween days paid off so we will again offer 23 event days next year.”

Movie Park Germany will reopen on March 27, 2020, with new attractions, highlights and surprises.



Visitors to Movie Park Germany will be able to experience the secrets of an alien laboratory in a top-secret US government base in the park’s redesigned water attraction, ‘Area 51 – Top Secret.’

Boasting a redesigned story, the attraction takes visitors directly to Groom Lake in the Nevada desert, home of the famous restricted US military base.

Germany’s largest film and amusement park has given its popular family attraction a boost with the thematisation of the former ‘Bermuda Triangle’ water ride.

The revamped attraction features a new preshow, new music, numerous effects, refreshments, and detailed theming, promising to bring memorable fun to alien and UFO enthusiasts.

Thorsten Backhaus, managing director at Movie Park Germany spoke of the opening of the highly awaited reworked water attraction.

“With today’s opening of ‘Area 51 – Top Secret’ we are presenting all our visitors with another season highlight. This attraction has been one of the most popular rides since the Park’s beginnings. We are thus particularly fond of this project, and the ride’s refurbishment is an essential part of our quality strategy.

“We are proud of the result and look forward to taking our visitors on a new exciting journey to one of the most mysterious places in the world,” Backhaus added.

This unique water ride spans an area of more than 4,000 square metres. It is a combination of a water ride and dark ride.

The concept behind the ride came from Movie Park Germany’s own creative department and was developed in close cooperation with the IMAmedia team.