WhiteWater, a global leader in the design and manufacture of waterpark attractions, has launched Endless Surf, powerful inland wave technology.  The Endless Surf wave has been selected to be installed in the 250m euro development at La Vague Grand Paris.

The pool technology features efficient and customisable waves, generated by WhiteWater’s four decade-long expertise in aquatic engineering and experience design.

Endless Surf comprises of a heart-shaped pool that is scalable in size. The pool boasts a 1,000 ft. width and a five-acre pool, which can provide an end-to-end surf lasting 26 seconds. The operator can control the wave pattern in real-time based on session requirements and the number of guests in the pool via patent protected proprietary programming accessed through a Wave Doctor interface.

Endless Surf can also run multiple wave types simultaneously enabling beginners, intermediates, and experts to surf at the same time, bringing welcome flexibility to operators.

Geoff Chutter, WhiteWater’s CEO, spoke about the new creation: “WhiteWater made its first surf pool, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, in 1989. With Endless Surf, we introduce the next generation of surf pool technology. Our goal is to make the world’s best man-made wave, creating an authentic surf experience that enables tens of thousands to discover the thrill of surfing for the first time.

Paul Chutter, chief business development Officer of WhiteWater, added: “Our reliable pneumatic technology creates endless rolling sets, designed for operational success; being flexible, high capacity, and above all else, safe.”



Nathan Jones has joined end-to-end ride system developer, CAVU Designwerks, as the company’s new chief operating officer (COO). Jones brings more than 22 years of leadership experience in the entertainment and attractions industry to CAVU Designwerks.

In his long-established career in the industry, Jones has been focused on achieving operational efficiency, including in his most recent position as president of park attractions at WhiteWater.

Jones has held senior roles at other leading companies in the entertainment and attractions industry, including Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V. and Brogent Technologies.

Peter Schnabel, CEO of CAVU Designwerks, commented on the appointment: “We are excited to have Nathan as part of the CAVU team. He compliments our strong performance-oriented culture, and we believe his impressive reputation for execution and achieving results makes him the right choice for ensuring operational excellence across the company as we evolve into our next stage of company growth.”

On accepting the position, Nathan Jones said: “There are few companies in the industry that have delivered the calibre of attractions that CAVU has over the past 5-years.The talented employee base and proven ability to execute on such complex projects provides a solid foundation for our forward trajectory and I am thrilled to join and contribute to the growth of such an exciting team.”



WhiteWater has announced the appointment of Franceen Gonzales, executive vice president, Americas, as chairperson of ASTM’s F24 committee – Amusement Rides and Devices.

Gonzales is the first woman to hold this position, symbolic of her ongoing commitment during the last 35 years to making parks safer for everyone.

Throughout her career, Franceen Gonzales has been dedicated to developing operating protocols, building leadership teams, consulting on the design of new waterparks and resorts, and working on aquatic risk management.

ASTM’s F24 committee’s new chairperson also holds leadership roles in a number of amusement industry groups, including International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) World Waterpark Association (WWA), Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC), Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA), and AIMS International.

Talking about the importance of safety, Franceen Gonzales commented: “Safety in our industry is personal for me. Having been an operator of parks for 30 years and as a design/manufacturer with WhiteWater, I see every day why safety is so important. It’s fundamental to making sure park guests are enjoying places they will come back to and is a core driver of business success.”

“Today, we are seeing more recognition of the talents of women. I’m inspired by others in this business, especially by those who lead and those in technical roles. It’s exciting to know that this is an industry in which women can succeed,” Franceen Gonzales continued.



One highlight of the soon-to-be-opened Legoland Water Park Gardaland in Italy goes by the name of Beach Party. Beach Party is to comprise of interactive play areas on multiple levels, a waterspout, and climbing areas, offering fun in the water for all the family.

Within the Beach Party play area will be seven slides all of varying heights and lengths to cater for visitors of all ages. Another key feature will be a huge 1.500-litre water bucket, which will sporadically spill over visitors.

A total of five Lego figures will be present in the area, each representing a different Lego character inspired by the theme of water and fun. Other features include a series of surfers, a girl in a Hawaiian costume and a lifeguard sat in a turret.

The Beach Party attraction is being built by the Canadian water ride manufacturer, WhiteWater.

Due to the mild weather, construction of the waterpark is well underway and the 15,000 sq. mt. area is set to open at the end of May.



Geoff Chutter, president and CEO of leading waterpark manufacturer WhiteWater, has been awarded with Ernst and Young’s prestigious Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year award.

These high-profile awards attract more than 300 entries from across Canada each year.

Sharing every successful entrepreneur’s characteristics of courage, vision, and a tireless work ethic, Chutter has had a profound impact on WhiteWater’s prolific growth. The company began in 1980 as one of Canada’s first waterparks, progressing as a leading international brand within the world of waterparks, employing over 600 people in offices in Dubai, Barcelona, Shanghai, San Diego, Vancouver and Denver.

Chutter, through a combination of strategic acquisitions and in-house innovation, has developed a diverse product portfolio, enabling WhiteWater to create pioneering water attractions to cater for the requirements of individual waterparks and theme parks with a water ride product line.

Lui Petrollini, EY’s assurance partner and the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Pacific program director, commented on Geoff Chutter’s accolade: “Geoff’s and WhiteWater’s entrepreneurial ride towards being crowned the EY Canadian Entrepreneur Of The Year is truly an inspiring, ‘feel good’ story.

“It’s one thing to be acknowledged for entrepreneurial achievement, it’s another to be acknowledged in a sector that supports family values by enabling dreams to come true and lasting memories to be made. Becoming the largest global designer and the biggest manufacturer of water park products is no small feat.

“It’s taken Geoff, and WhiteWater, years of dedication to their business, product mix, and customer base to achieve this global reach and success,” Petrollini added.



WhiteWater, specialists in developing award-winning water attractions, were the winners of multiple Brass Awards at IAAPA Expo 2019 in Orlando.

The Expo’s Brass Awards are awarded to organisations, individuals and parks for showing creativity in the creation of themes, facilities, products, concepts, services, programs and more.

One Brass Award WhiteWater received was for the Over/Under in the Best New Product: Waterpark Ride/Attraction category. The Over/Under is located at Guangzhou Sunac Waterpark and is the world’s first interactive multi-player gaming water slide.

The ride features WhiteWater’s first installation of Team Slideboarding and Double Exit Mantra. Teams are challenged to work together to score sufficient points to be awarded with an exciting lap of victory.

The innovative attraction design and manufacture company also picked up a Brass Ring Award for Spinning Rapids Ride in the Best New Product category.

Lava Drifting is installed in Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, China, and is the longest spinning rapids ride in the world. The attraction is also the world’s first spinning rapids ride with actual rapid rivers. The ride is themed as a volcano and fuses spins and twists to take guests on a thrilling, 1km-long journey.

WhiteWater’s Tailspin also won a Brass Ring Award for the Best New Product: Waterpark Ride/Attraction category.

The Tailspin creates a memorable ride experience by combining physical and visual sensations. The ride fuses a disc with a helix, combining the rapid descent of a flume with the high-banking rotations of a bowl. Pinned to the outside of a wall, riders are spiralled downwards at speeds reaching 25kmph.

Geoff Chutter, president and CEO of WhiteWater, commented: “We’re incredibly excited to have Tailspin recognised by IAAPA as a ground-breaking slide. Every park, from small municipal recreation centres to sprawling water parks aim to provide their guests with safe and fun attractions; on top of that, all parks look to have unique and iconic rides to differentiate themselves and to help drive their gate. Tailspin delivers all of this and more.”



WhiteWater, leaders in the design and manufacture of innovative waterslides and attractions, celebrated multiple wins at the 2019 World Waterpark Association (WWA) show.

Leading Edge Awards, which are awarded by the WWA to individuals and parks for creativity in the development of new facilities, themes, programs and services, were presented to WhiteWater for its work on Perfect Day at CocoCay and on Island H20 Live!

Thrill Waterpark at Perfect Day at CocoCay is part of the Royal Caribbean’s $250m transformation of CocoCay, a small island in the Bahamas that is used exclusively for tourism by Royal Caribbean Cruises.

The waterpark opened in May 2019. Its most iconic feature is the ‘Daredevils’ Tower,’ which is the tallest water slide in North America.

Island H20 Live! opened in Kissimmee, Florida in June 2019. The waterpark features a host of WhiteWater slides, as well as the company’s award-winning technology, Vantage. The technology enables Island H20 Live! to deliver a more personalised, tailored experience to visitors, through the use of relevant data so they can make more informed decisions.

By wearing a Vantage wristband, guests can purchase food and drink seamlessly without having to use cards or cash. They can also upload photos onto social media on real-time, personalise music, lighting effects and more.

Waterpark’s president and CEO, Geoff Chutter, spoke about the companies they had worked with to make Perfect Day at CocoCay and Island H20 Live! such success stories. Chutter said: “What we created with Royal Caribbean International and Aquatic Design & Engineering at Perfect Day at CocoCay is truly exceptional. The park is already receiving an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from guests.

“Island H20 Live! on the other hand, is pushing boundaries by introducing new levels of interactive guest technology with Vantage on their slides.

“Working with Horizon Waterpark, LLC, Aquatic Development Group, and Innovative Attraction Management has been a pleasure and enabled us to bring to life our clients’ vision to make memorable experiences for their guests.

“Our goal is to create an extra dimension of fun and thrill with innovative products and technology, and it is our belief that both Perfect Day at CocoCay and Island H20 Live! really showcase this,” Chutter continued.

WhiteWater’s multiple wins at this year’s World Waterpark Association show, follows Geoff Chutter success at Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 Pacific, where he was both the Business to Business category and the overall Pacific Regional winner.



WhiteWater’s president & CEO, Geoff Chutter, has been awarded with both the Business to Business category and the overall Pacific Regional winner, in Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 Awards in the Pacific NorthWest.

The awards are among the most prestigious business recognition program in the world, designed to recognise business leaders excelling in innovation, showing a personal commitment to their business and communities, and more.

Geoff Chutter founded WhiteWater as a waterslide park in 1980 in Penticton, BC. The resort was one of North America’s first waterparks.

Chutter quickly went on to use his knowledge in the waterpark industry to create a company which designed and built waterslides and other water attractions. Henceforth WhiteWater was born.

Over the next four decades, WhiteWater evolved into an international business, with offices in Dubai, Shanghai and Barcelona, designing and manufacturing slides, wave machines, rides, play structures, and more.

During the awards ceremony, Chutter thanked those who had helped him get to where he is today, stating: “Thank you to my grandfather for exposing me to entrepreneurship my parents for introducing me to globalisation, and my colleagues for finding the right people. What we do is make families happy, and that makes us happy.

“I realised that being an expert in life was knowing just a little bit more than the fellow beside you. It all comes down to the people. To my colleagues at WhiteWater and the clients who have believed in us and supported us throughout the years, I say a tremendous thank you,” Chutter said.

Lui Petrollini, director of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Pacific Program, acknowledged how the judges admired Chutter’s positive approach to challenges and his unwavering perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit.

“When an economic downturn comes knocking, consumer discretionary spending is typically the first to go. But Geoff didn’t let this stop him in the early 2000s. Instead, he turned it into an opportunity and has made WhiteWater a force to be reckoned with ever since,” Petrollini said.



Island H20 Live!, the newest waterpark in Central Florida, has now opened its doors to the public. The tropical-themed waterpark officially opened to the public in the first week of July.

The park has been designed and built by Aquatic Development Group (ADG). The site is 11.5 acres in size and features more than 15 water slides and attractions designed for all ages and levels of thrill-seeking intensity.

Amongst the rides is a 24,000 square foot dual beach wave pool that’s powered by ADG Wavetek’s wave generation technology.

An activity pool at the park features a river crossing, basketball, an interactive, multi-level play structure, and an activity pool for children with nine waterslides and play features. There’s also a 1,300 feet-long lazy river with a 500 square feet beach entry.

Also at H20 Live! is a 2,500 square feet pool for adults only, with a spacious decking area and lounge next to a ‘Tag Shack’ bar and grill.

The waterpark is also the first resort to feature WhiteWater’s Vantage Technology, designed to encourage social interaction and enhance the visitor experience by enabling guests to personalise their stay at the waterpark.

Jim Kunau, general manager at Island H20 Live!, spoke about what visitors can expect at the new Central Florida waterpark.

“We have an incredible variety of attractions at Island H2O Live! including water coasters, family raft rides, a wave pool, lazy river, kid-friendly experiences and more,” said Kunau.



Waterpark manufacturers, WhiteWater, have opened the world’s longest spinning rapids ride at Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, China.

Lava Drifting opened in May 2019. Not only is it the longest spinning rapid ride in the world, but its is also the world’s first spinning rapids ride with actual rapid rivers.

The Spinning Rapids Fusion water ride is approximately 1km long. Asides boasting actual rapid rivers, the ride takes visitors through tunnels, conveyor belts and multiple drops, before coming to a finale comprising of a steep drop into giant Manta feature.

The whole ride takes 11 minutes from start to finish.

Nathan Jones, president of Park Attractions at WhiteWater, commented on the new spinning rapids ride:

“It’s the first water ride ever to combine elements from the spinning rapids ride, a traditional rapids ride, and new iconic water slide elements. I believe that this is not only the longest spinning rapids ride in the world, but the longest of any rapids rides yet.”

WhiteWater collaborated with Legacy Entertainment, which developed the preliminary layout for the ride.

Taylor Jeffs, Legacy’s president and chief creative officer, commented:

“I have been a huge fan of this ride system since first riding L’oxygénarium at Parc Astérix in 2002, so it is a great pleasure to collaborate with WhiteWater on the most ambitious incarnation of this type of water ride ever conceived.”

“Legacy always puts a great deal of value on the integration of attractions into their environments, and as such, the ride path has been carefully woven through the Rainbow Falls section of the park, including a climax in the park’s iconic volcano. This symbiotic relationship is instrumental in activating the land,” Taylor added.