Danish theming experts MK Themed Attractions has announced it has a new themed concept that’s ready to be installed at amusement parks that’s centred on real-sized dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs are made to look real and include 5.5 metre-high brachiosaurus, velociraptors, various sized T-Rex heads and other dinosaurs, which can be projected onto walls, entrances and other places to create an exciting, immersive experience for guests.

The dinosaurs have been created by MK Themed Attractions’ highly skilled team of sculptors, designers and painters.

The dinosaur concept is a good choice for theme park operators and FECs wanting to create a themed area without having to invest heavily in expensive design costs.

Lars Nielson, themed attractions specialists at MK Themed Attractions, spoke of  the company’s extensive portfolio of detailed concepts: “Our portfolio of concepts has exploded over the last couple of years, from having mostly Halloween and Christmas decoration we now also have real pirates, food and tons of animals including this brand new and highly details Dinosaur concept ready to be installed.”



MK Themed Attractions to re-theme Walibi Holland’s Speedzone area, which is due to open in May 2020. The re-theming of the zone follows MK Attraction’s successful renovation of the theme park’s Untamed and Wilderness area.

The re-theming of the zones is part of an extensive refurbishment planned for the theme park. The Speedzone area will have two entrances. At one entrance gate is a steel structure featuring gears and a blue Volkswagen at the top. The second entrance is to resemble the arch of a racetrack with white body stripes.

MK Themed Attraction is working with Theming Engineers to secure the production of the gate. The two companies have worked together previously on the engineering of the large-scale tiger heads for the Tigeren attraction at Durs Sommerland.

As well as the new entrances, there will be a number of themed surprises for the zone’s Space Shot and G-Force attractions, as well as the mega coaster, Goliath.

Wiebe Damstra, project manager at Walibi Holland, praised the work MK Attractions did previously at the park: “For Untamed MK Themed Attractions did an outstanding job, so we believe they will be the correct main themed partner for this upgrade of our park as well, said Damstra.

René Hansen, Managing Director at MK Themed Attractions, commented: “It’s very exciting for us to expand the work we are doing at Walibi Holland to include yet another re-themed area of the park.

“This new re-theme of the park requires skills that are not just related to quality fiberglass production, which is very interesting for us, as we work with all kinds of material, and through this project we get to show our skills in that,” Hansen added.



Danish theming experts, MK Attractions, has announced Tigeren, its new 45-metre tall Gyro Swing located at Djurs Sommerland in Denmark, is proving to be a big success.

MK Themed Attractions worked on the theming of the new ride, ahead of it opening at the park in time for the 2019 summer season.

Tigeren is the tallest Gyro Swing in Europe. Rotating at 100 kmph, it is also the fastest attraction at Djurs Sommerland.

According to the theming specialists, visitors at Djurs Sommerland enjoyed Tigeren throughout the summer season.

As Henrik Nielson, managing director at Djurs Sommerland, said: “During the one season Tigeren has had so far, we have experienced it being just as popular as the most popular attractions we have.

“Tigeren has actually at times exceeded our expectations in popularity, which is truly great,” Nielson continued.

Tigeren, which means ‘Tiger’ in English, is situated in Djurs Sommerland’s Asian themed area where Dragekongen, Europe’s fastest and longest Family Suspended Coaster, can be found.

The theming for Tigeren is of an extremely high standard, with close attention to detail.

René Hansen, managing director at MK Themed Attractions, said: “We always seek to improve ourselves and strive to deliver the best quality possible, which we have done for Tigeren, and we are glad that Djurs Sommerland and their guests have noticed how much effort we have put into the production of the theme.”



MK Themed Attractions, the award-winning theming experts, have been busy of late, preparing Paultons Park in Hampshire for its new Tornado Springs area.

The immersive themed area is due to open in May 2020.

Covering the 5000 sq. mt. area in paint and producing approximately 500 props, MK Themed Attractions has been gradually transforming the area from bricks and wall constructions to a heavy themed immersive experience designed to resemble American in the 1950s.

A principle element of the theming are tornados, which regularly hit the harsh environment and weather conditions of Tornados Springs.

James Mancey, operations director at Paultons Park, spoke about the progress on the new area. “We are really excited to finally see all the months of planning and preparation starting and come together and are very much looking forward to progressing on to the final part of the development.

“MK Themed Attractions is now here on site to add the attention to detail and quality of finish that will add the magic to bring Tornado Springs to life,” said Mancey.

As well as the transformation of the themed area, new rides are being installed in the park.

Casper Damkier, technical manager at MK Themed Attractions, commented: “We are at the moment installing props and theming for the indoor queuing areas including the new Spinning Coaster.

“It’s a great milestone of the project that we are finally able to start decorating the area after focusing on the artistic painting of the project,” Damkier added.



MK Themed Attractions, the award-winning themed production company, has announced it is to showcase a selection of world-famous Intellectual Properties the company has created in recent months at IAAPA Expo in Orlando.

The display will include characters from Warner Bros. France, Ubisoft and Looney Tunes. Visitors heading to MK Themed Attractions’ stand will be able to feast their eyes on the blue Occamy from Warner Brothers’ Fantastic Beasts, a Rabbids character, Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes and a Chewbecca figure.

The company’s stand in Orlando contrasts to its booth at IAAPA Expo Europe in September, which was jungle themed, with gorillas, lions, crocodiles, crashed airplanes and trees.

Lars Nielson, a Themed Attractions specialist, explained why they have opted to showcase IP characters at the forthcoming exhibition. “We believe the industry has become aware of our capabilities within comprehensive themed production, as we over the last couple of years, have grown our portfolio of large-scale themed projects with some of the most well-known amusement parks in Europe,” said Nielson.

“During IAAPA Expo Europe we won a European Star Award for helping the brand new theme of Colossos – Kampf der Giganten come to life, which contribute to this understanding, so now we want to show the attraction industry that we are also trusted by companies such as Warner Bros. France, Ubisoft and Looney Tunes, to produce their world famous IP characters,” Nielson added.

MK Themed Attractions will be exhibiting at booth #E7612 at IAAPA Expo in Orlando, which is taking place on November 19 to 22, 2019.