MK Themed Attractions, the award-winning theming experts, have been busy of late, preparing Paultons Park in Hampshire for its new Tornado Springs area.

The immersive themed area is due to open in May 2020.

Covering the 5000 sq. mt. area in paint and producing approximately 500 props, MK Themed Attractions has been gradually transforming the area from bricks and wall constructions to a heavy themed immersive experience designed to resemble American in the 1950s.

A principle element of the theming are tornados, which regularly hit the harsh environment and weather conditions of Tornados Springs.

James Mancey, operations director at Paultons Park, spoke about the progress on the new area. “We are really excited to finally see all the months of planning and preparation starting and come together and are very much looking forward to progressing on to the final part of the development.

“MK Themed Attractions is now here on site to add the attention to detail and quality of finish that will add the magic to bring Tornado Springs to life,” said Mancey.

As well as the transformation of the themed area, new rides are being installed in the park.

Casper Damkier, technical manager at MK Themed Attractions, commented: “We are at the moment installing props and theming for the indoor queuing areas including the new Spinning Coaster.

“It’s a great milestone of the project that we are finally able to start decorating the area after focusing on the artistic painting of the project,” Damkier added.



Paultons Park in Romsey, Hampshire, has been named the UK’s best theme park. The accolade is based on reviews left by visitors on TripAdvisor, which were collated for the Travellers’ Choice Amusement & Waterparks 2019 list.

TripAdvisor looked at the number of reviews left for the UK’s different theme parks and waterparks, as well as the ratings given to each resort.

The poll also looked at the best waterparks and theme parks worldwide.

Hot on Paulton Park’s heels was the Milky Way Adventure Park in Devon, which features both indoor and outdoor attractions. Blackpool Pleasure Beach got the third spot, followed by Clifton Park in Rotherham.

Sundown Adventureland in Retford is the fifth best theme park in the UK according to TripAdvisor reviews, followed by Adventure Island in Southend-on-Sea.

Exeter’s Crealy Family Theme Park came in seventh place, Brighton Palace Pier won eight spot, followed by Harbour Park in Littlehampton in ninth.

Alton Towers was listed as the tenth most popular theme park in the UK based on TripAdvisor reviews.

Around the world, Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando was voted as the best theme park around the world by travellers.



A new, multi-million-pound themed world known as Tornado Springs is coming to Paultons Park in Hampshire.

The world is based on a 1950s’ American Midwest desert resort town theme and is due to open in May 2020.

The new four-acre land will feature a series of new rides and attractions, including the only rollercoaster of its kind in the UK, a free-spinning ride with 20-metre heights, known as the Storm Chaser.

The themed park will also be home to a Gyro Swing spinning pendulum ride, the Cyclonator. The ride is centred on an invention to scythe crops that’s powered by the wind as has been made by the characters of Tornado Springs.

Another highlight is Al’s Auto Academy, a garage-themed driving school ride with Windmill Tower drop rides, electric cars, a Buffalo Falls water raft ride and Trekking Tractors.

James Mancey, operations director of Paultons Park, commented on the new land:

“We are extremely excited to bring Tornado Springs to the public next May. The new themed world represents the single largest and most ambitious investment in the future of Paultons Park since we opened in 1983. The Tornado Springs concept is unique to Paultons Park and will significantly extend our capacity to entertain and delight children of all ages.

“We felt that the theming of Tornado Springs was a natural fit with the traditional family values with which Paultons Park is synonymous.

“We’ve coupled the vibrant appeal and charm of the 1950’s era with best-in-class rides and attractions to create a truly unique world which, in association with our existing fantastic themed lands, will stand head and shoulders above any other family attraction in the UK,” Mancey added.