The Park Vega waterpark has debuted in Agbor, Nigeria. The park features a series of waterslides, splash pads and the Wave Pool, which is the largest pool in West Africa and is the centrepiece of the waterpark.

The giant wave pool extends an area of 1,500sq. mt. and contains around half a million gallons of water. By pneumatically creating waves that reach heights of 1.1m, the wave pool is designed to mimic the waves of the ocean, providing fun in the water for all ages and levels of swimming ability.

The slides at the waterpark are designed for adults and are known as the Space-Hole Slide, the Free-Fall Slide, the Multi-Surf Slide and the Black Home – Wave Combo Slide.

The park is also home to a colourful Aqua Tower and Splash Pad for children, which features more than 50 interactive elements, including a tipping bucket, water wheels, pipe falls, net bridge, umbrella jets and much more.

Another key feature of the Nigerian waterpark is an activity pool with an obstacle course, as well as water polo and water volleyball.

Park Vega is a member of the International Association of Amusements and Attractions (IAAPA) and the World Waterparks Association (WWA).



An indoor and outdoor waterpark and an 11-storey hotel are being proposed to be built at the Circuit of The Americas F1 racing track in Southeast Austin.

The vast hotel complex would be home to a 100,000 sq. ft. indoor waterpark, a 34,000 sq. ft. ballroom, meeting room space and 350 rooms.

In August 2018, executives at the Circuit of The Americas announced plans to rezone the 1,155-acre site to enable further development around the Formula One racetrack, soccer stadium and concert venue. The hotel and waterparks would be built to the west of the racetrack across the Circuit of the Americas Boulevard.

Rocky Williams, vice president of hotel developer Arm Epic Lodging Partners, commented: “The waterpark and hotel complement the family entertainment components that already exist at the circuit – the races, concerts, amusement rides, soccer games and conventions.”

In addition to the waterpark and hotel, plans are also in motion to construct a children’s amusement park at the site, which will complement the complex’s existing karting track, KOTA Karting.

Bobby Epstein, Circuit of The Americas chairman, spoke of the site’s long-term goals: “The long-term plan is to create a recreation, entertainment and amusement destination for Central Texas. Along with that comes sport fields, a hotel and waterpark… and amusement related things.”



Baha Mar, the 1,000-acre resort complex on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas, is to be expanded with the development of a new waterpark.

The $300m waterpark project will be built on a 14-acre site, which was formerly home to the Wyndham resort and the Crystal Palace casino, both of which have now been demolished. As well as a waterpark, the development will feature enhancements to the beach and new food and drink facilities at Long Cay, Baha Mar’s private 15-acre island.

Graeme Davies, Baha Mar’s president, said that a Bahamian company has been instructed to conduct the construction of the pools for the waterpark. The new waterpark is due to be completed in the next 1 – 2 years. The project is expected to create around 500 permanent and direct jobs and 1,000 indirect jobs.



Waterpark manufacturers, WhiteWater, have opened the world’s longest spinning rapids ride at Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, China.

Lava Drifting opened in May 2019. Not only is it the longest spinning rapid ride in the world, but its is also the world’s first spinning rapids ride with actual rapid rivers.

The Spinning Rapids Fusion water ride is approximately 1km long. Asides boasting actual rapid rivers, the ride takes visitors through tunnels, conveyor belts and multiple drops, before coming to a finale comprising of a steep drop into giant Manta feature.

The whole ride takes 11 minutes from start to finish.

Nathan Jones, president of Park Attractions at WhiteWater, commented on the new spinning rapids ride:

“It’s the first water ride ever to combine elements from the spinning rapids ride, a traditional rapids ride, and new iconic water slide elements. I believe that this is not only the longest spinning rapids ride in the world, but the longest of any rapids rides yet.”

WhiteWater collaborated with Legacy Entertainment, which developed the preliminary layout for the ride.

Taylor Jeffs, Legacy’s president and chief creative officer, commented:

“I have been a huge fan of this ride system since first riding L’oxygénarium at Parc Astérix in 2002, so it is a great pleasure to collaborate with WhiteWater on the most ambitious incarnation of this type of water ride ever conceived.”

“Legacy always puts a great deal of value on the integration of attractions into their environments, and as such, the ride path has been carefully woven through the Rainbow Falls section of the park, including a climax in the park’s iconic volcano. This symbiotic relationship is instrumental in activating the land,” Taylor added.