Magic Memories, a world leader in developing innovative experience capture, has announced it is experiencing sustained investment and growth across the United States, with a total of nine partners re-signing with the brand during the last three months.

Amongst those re-signing with Magic Memories are Merlin Orlando, Jelly Baby, Houston Aquarium and NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Magic Memories works with attraction sites and theme parks around the world, helping operators provide more engaging memories for their visitors both during the visit and afterwards.

Magic Memories’ latest product, MyMemories is designed to improve the digital experience of guests while simultaneously helping attraction resorts increase engagement and revenue.

With the MyMemories platform, guests can access and purchase digital captures when they have left the attraction, thus enabling operators to interact with visitors for a longer duration.

Chris Warhurst, Magic Memories’ CEO, commented on the company’s continued success: “We’re delighted to have seen such a high number of extended partnerships in North America across the last three months. This really proves the importance of continued investment into new products and technologies to create a platform that meets the needs of guests, today and into the future.

“By thoroughly understanding our partners’ goals for the guest experience, as well as the brand, we are able to create compelling, engaging content that will really surprise guests. By getting this mix right, our partners are able to benefit from much higher guest participation, increased social sharing of the brand and the ability to create new revenue streams like never before,” Warhurst added.



SlotZilla, the slot-inspired zipline attraction in Las Vegas, has teamed up with Magic Memories, specialists in creating personalised content for the attractions industry, to capture attraction-goers in full swing as they whizz down the zipline located above the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas.

SlotZilla is the largest slot machine-inspired zipline attraction in the world. The popular attraction features many Las Vegas icons, including a martini glass, an oversized dice, pink flamingos and coins.

Working alongside Magic Memories, SlotZilla can provide guests with a variety of images and video content so they can fondly relive their zipline adventure like never before.

Dynamic images are captured on the Magic Memories’ Skycam experience, which is located at the entrance to the zipline entrance, while the company’s automated capture technology takes videos of guests throughout the ride.

Using new touchscreen kiosks, guests can have easy access to their fun-filled memories. The images can be stored and instantly shared on social media on mobile phones via the Magic Memories’ mobile platform, MyMemories.

Visitors can purchase additional ticket packages when going on SlotZilla, which include their digital photos, automated video products, or both.

Mike Weber, Magic Memories vice president of sales in North America, commented: “SlotZilla is a completely unique and thrilling attraction that allows guests to see downtown Las Vegas like never before. With so many great photo opportunities throughout the attraction, there was a clear opportunity to further enhance the customer experience to ensure guests get access to images and videos they wouldn’t be able to capture themselves.

“By thoroughly understanding Slotzilla’s goals for the guest experience, plus for the brand, we are able to create content that will really surprise and delight guests. Getting this mix right, along with new ticketing initiatives will enable much higher guest participation, increased sharing of the Slotzilla brand through social channels and the ability to create new revenue streams that we were previously unable to unlock,” Weber continued.

Patrick Hughes, president and CEO of Fremont Street Experience, said: “By partnering with Magic Memories, we will be able to provide keepsakes as unique as our attraction. We’re especially excited by MyMemories, the Magic Memories mobile platform, as it will allow our guests the chance to instantly share their experience with friends and family.”



Magic Memories, specialists in creating and distributing personalised content for the attractions industry, has announced the launch of a mobile platform designed to enhance the digital guest experience.

The MyMemories platform will help increase engagement and revenue streams for the attraction resorts.

Research shows that a staggering 83% of customers deem sharing photos of memorable experiences on social media important. MyMemories is aimed at catering for the high demand for sharing digital content on social media when consumers visit attraction sites.

This seamless and intuitive user experience platform provides guests with an option to buy and share memories via their mobile phone by simply scanning their QR code. Guests can purchase and share digital memories either at the attraction site or via their mobile phone, meaning they are not limited to on-site transactions only.

As Magic Memories says:

“With the majority of people now wanting access to their memories via their mobile, it was important for us to be at the forefront of this trend. We have been investing heavily in new products and technologies to create a platform that met the needs of guests, today and into the future.

“This means our partners can now meaningfully engage with guests before, during and long after they have left which is something they haven’t been able to do before. The platform will continue to open up a wide range of opportunities and channels for our attraction partners, including higher commercial outcomes, increased guest engagement and significant social sharing,” the digital content experts added.


Pirates Dinner Adventure Orlando have signed a partnership with Magic Memories, memory product developers for the attractions industry, to offer visitors personalised content to provide cherished memories of their experience of the Pirates Dinner experience.

Pirate Dinner Orlando features a full-size pirate ship within an indoor lagoon. Electrifying duels, romance, comedy and adventure take place onboard the pirate ship for an unforgettable family adventure on the high seas.

The new deal means Magic Memories has responsibility of Pirate Dinner Adventure Orlando’s photo operations. The memory product developers use pioneering technology to create personalised photos designed to enhance the guest experience.

With the high-tech, bespoke photos, visitors can relive experiences of their interactive evening on the pirate ship.

As Mike Weber, Magic Memories’ vice president of sales in North America explains:

“Pirates Dinner Adventure Orlando is a truly one-of-a-kind experience that has been entertaining guests for many years. By partnering with a specialist in experience capture, the attraction will be able to tap into the huge consumer demand for personalised content and ensure guests can bring their most exciting moments to life.

“We are introducing our new mobile platform this summer to the attraction which will enable us to further improve and extend our engagement with guests.”

Dan Falls, general manager and vice president of Pirates Dinner Adventure, commented:

“Our show is famous for its interactive nature so we really wanted to offer guests an innovative memory making platform that allows them to feel like part of the show long after the curtain has gone down.

“After seeing Magic Memories’ technology in action, we knew they would be the perfect partner to help us deliver a compelling media solution, open fresh conversations about the show and, most importantly, drive visitor satisfaction.”