Magic Memories, a world leader in developing innovative experience capture, has announced it is experiencing sustained investment and growth across the United States, with a total of nine partners re-signing with the brand during the last three months.

Amongst those re-signing with Magic Memories are Merlin Orlando, Jelly Baby, Houston Aquarium and NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Magic Memories works with attraction sites and theme parks around the world, helping operators provide more engaging memories for their visitors both during the visit and afterwards.

Magic Memories’ latest product, MyMemories is designed to improve the digital experience of guests while simultaneously helping attraction resorts increase engagement and revenue.

With the MyMemories platform, guests can access and purchase digital captures when they have left the attraction, thus enabling operators to interact with visitors for a longer duration.

Chris Warhurst, Magic Memories’ CEO, commented on the company’s continued success: “We’re delighted to have seen such a high number of extended partnerships in North America across the last three months. This really proves the importance of continued investment into new products and technologies to create a platform that meets the needs of guests, today and into the future.

“By thoroughly understanding our partners’ goals for the guest experience, as well as the brand, we are able to create compelling, engaging content that will really surprise guests. By getting this mix right, our partners are able to benefit from much higher guest participation, increased social sharing of the brand and the ability to create new revenue streams like never before,” Warhurst added.

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