MK Themed Attractions, the award-winning theming experts, have been busy of late, preparing Paultons Park in Hampshire for its new Tornado Springs area.

The immersive themed area is due to open in May 2020.

Covering the 5000 sq. mt. area in paint and producing approximately 500 props, MK Themed Attractions has been gradually transforming the area from bricks and wall constructions to a heavy themed immersive experience designed to resemble American in the 1950s.

A principle element of the theming are tornados, which regularly hit the harsh environment and weather conditions of Tornados Springs.

James Mancey, operations director at Paultons Park, spoke about the progress on the new area. “We are really excited to finally see all the months of planning and preparation starting and come together and are very much looking forward to progressing on to the final part of the development.

“MK Themed Attractions is now here on site to add the attention to detail and quality of finish that will add the magic to bring Tornado Springs to life,” said Mancey.

As well as the transformation of the themed area, new rides are being installed in the park.

Casper Damkier, technical manager at MK Themed Attractions, commented: “We are at the moment installing props and theming for the indoor queuing areas including the new Spinning Coaster.

“It’s a great milestone of the project that we are finally able to start decorating the area after focusing on the artistic painting of the project,” Damkier added.

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