Danish theming experts MK Themed Attractions has announced it has a new themed concept that’s ready to be installed at amusement parks that’s centred on real-sized dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs are made to look real and include 5.5 metre-high brachiosaurus, velociraptors, various sized T-Rex heads and other dinosaurs, which can be projected onto walls, entrances and other places to create an exciting, immersive experience for guests.

The dinosaurs have been created by MK Themed Attractions’ highly skilled team of sculptors, designers and painters.

The dinosaur concept is a good choice for theme park operators and FECs wanting to create a themed area without having to invest heavily in expensive design costs.

Lars Nielson, themed attractions specialists at MK Themed Attractions, spoke of  the company’s extensive portfolio of detailed concepts: “Our portfolio of concepts has exploded over the last couple of years, from having mostly Halloween and Christmas decoration we now also have real pirates, food and tons of animals including this brand new and highly details Dinosaur concept ready to be installed.”

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