One highlight of the soon-to-be-opened Legoland Water Park Gardaland in Italy goes by the name of Beach Party. Beach Party is to comprise of interactive play areas on multiple levels, a waterspout, and climbing areas, offering fun in the water for all the family.

Within the Beach Party play area will be seven slides all of varying heights and lengths to cater for visitors of all ages. Another key feature will be a huge 1.500-litre water bucket, which will sporadically spill over visitors.

A total of five Lego figures will be present in the area, each representing a different Lego character inspired by the theme of water and fun. Other features include a series of surfers, a girl in a Hawaiian costume and a lifeguard sat in a turret.

The Beach Party attraction is being built by the Canadian water ride manufacturer, WhiteWater.

Due to the mild weather, construction of the waterpark is well underway and the 15,000 sq. mt. area is set to open at the end of May.

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