WhiteWater, specialists in developing award-winning water attractions, were the winners of multiple Brass Awards at IAAPA Expo 2019 in Orlando.

The Expo’s Brass Awards are awarded to organisations, individuals and parks for showing creativity in the creation of themes, facilities, products, concepts, services, programs and more.

One Brass Award WhiteWater received was for the Over/Under in the Best New Product: Waterpark Ride/Attraction category. The Over/Under is located at Guangzhou Sunac Waterpark and is the world’s first interactive multi-player gaming water slide.

The ride features WhiteWater’s first installation of Team Slideboarding and Double Exit Mantra. Teams are challenged to work together to score sufficient points to be awarded with an exciting lap of victory.

The innovative attraction design and manufacture company also picked up a Brass Ring Award for Spinning Rapids Ride in the Best New Product category.

Lava Drifting is installed in Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, China, and is the longest spinning rapids ride in the world. The attraction is also the world’s first spinning rapids ride with actual rapid rivers. The ride is themed as a volcano and fuses spins and twists to take guests on a thrilling, 1km-long journey.

WhiteWater’s Tailspin also won a Brass Ring Award for the Best New Product: Waterpark Ride/Attraction category.

The Tailspin creates a memorable ride experience by combining physical and visual sensations. The ride fuses a disc with a helix, combining the rapid descent of a flume with the high-banking rotations of a bowl. Pinned to the outside of a wall, riders are spiralled downwards at speeds reaching 25kmph.

Geoff Chutter, president and CEO of WhiteWater, commented: “We’re incredibly excited to have Tailspin recognised by IAAPA as a ground-breaking slide. Every park, from small municipal recreation centres to sprawling water parks aim to provide their guests with safe and fun attractions; on top of that, all parks look to have unique and iconic rides to differentiate themselves and to help drive their gate. Tailspin delivers all of this and more.”

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