Imagine Leisure, a leading consultant and developer in the leisure and attractions industry, has announced it has acquired the ‘Het Sprookjesbos’ Valkenburg theme park, located in the south of the Netherlands.

The theme park boosts a fairy tale theme and is a popular destination for families with young children. Since mid-2019, Innoxite has been operating the theme park and, by making improvements to operations, marketing and merchandising, has successfully increased turnover.

Imaging Leisure plan to introduce new attractions at the site and improve the overall theming. Some of the new attractions are already under construction at Het Sprookjesbos, including a Flying Carpet and a stone-age themed train.

The two park operators have developed an extensive strategic plan designed to improve the facilities and guest experience of the attractions site. The park will also decrease its weather dependency factor and host events designed to attract larger numbers of visitors.

Implementing its successful ‘Dream, Develop, Do’ process, Imagine Leisure will provide the complete project management of the Netherlands’ family theme park.

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