One highlight of the soon-to-be-opened Legoland Water Park Gardaland in Italy goes by the name of Beach Party. Beach Party is to comprise of interactive play areas on multiple levels, a waterspout, and climbing areas, offering fun in the water for all the family.

Within the Beach Party play area will be seven slides all of varying heights and lengths to cater for visitors of all ages. Another key feature will be a huge 1.500-litre water bucket, which will sporadically spill over visitors.

A total of five Lego figures will be present in the area, each representing a different Lego character inspired by the theme of water and fun. Other features include a series of surfers, a girl in a Hawaiian costume and a lifeguard sat in a turret.

The Beach Party attraction is being built by the Canadian water ride manufacturer, WhiteWater.

Due to the mild weather, construction of the waterpark is well underway and the 15,000 sq. mt. area is set to open at the end of May.



Gardaland Resort has announced its new season is to start on Saturday March 28. What promises to be more spectacular than ever is to include a raft of new additions, including Wonder Woman – the 4D Experience, 44 GATTI Rock Show, Aqua Fantasia Show and the Gardaland Awards.

On March 28, the whole of the Gardaland Resort will open, including the theme park, the three themed hotels and the Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium.

On the weekends of March 14 – 15 and 21 – 22, a pre-opening event for little ones will take place. The Prezzemolo & Friends event will see Gardaland transformed into rides and attractions dedicated to young visitors, particularly in Peppa Pig Land, Fantasy Kingdom, Prezzemolo Land, Prezzemolo Magic Village, the Medieval area and Foresta Incantata.

Throughout the 2020 season, there will be meet and greet sessions, large-scale events like the Gardaland Awards, and dazzling water tricks displayed Aqua Fantasia – Storie di acqua, luci e colori – Stories of water, lights and colours.

Wonder Woman – The 4D Experience is scheduled in for June 2020, providing Wonder Woman fans with the opportunity to re-live the antics of the superhero through a powerful, high-tense cinematographic story, enhanced by special effects and special glasses.

Though it has to be said, one of the most eagerly awaited new additions of the season will be the opening of Legoland Water Park Gardaland, the first Legoland waterpark in Europe and the first in the world to be built inside theme park that doesn’t bare the Legoland brand.

The waterpark will extend over an area of 15,000 sq. mt. and will be located near the Peppa Pig Land and Fantasy Kingdom zones.

The highly awaited Legoland Water Park Gardaland will open on May 28, 2020.



Gardaland has announced some of the exciting attractions that will feature in its new Lego-themed waterpark – Legoland Water Park Gardaland.

The Lego River Adventure will flow through most of the waterpark, allowing visitors to navigate the park on customisable rafts made by guests out of large, soft, floating Lego bricks.

The river will flow past a series of attractions, including a cave with undersea theming and the Miniland area adorned in iconic Italian monuments made from Lego bricks.

Other notable attractions include the Beach Party children’s play area with colourful slides and water cannons, the Lego Creation island where young guests can have fun building personalised Lego boats, and Duplo Splash where little ones can experience their first water slide.

Legoland Water Park Gardaland will also be home to Jungle Adventure slides, the Pirate Bay swimming pool, the Legoland shop selling all the favourite Lego merchandise and the Harbour Restaurant where guests can refresh themselves for more water-filled fun.

Commenting on the attractions, Luca Marigo, director of sales and marketing at Gardaland, said: “Legoland Water Park Gardaland will have so many attractions that visitors will be thrilled, whether young or old.

“There will also be special themed areas, with lots of colourful water slides for youngsters and kids of all ages, as well as a creative area where children can discover the fun of building with Duplo and Lego bricks, swimming pools equipped with sunbeds, deck chairs and large gazeboes where families can relax.”

Legoland Water Park Gardaland is to open on May 28, 2020.