S&S Worldwide, a global leader in the manufacturing of vertical and family thrill rides, has announced a new product to its line-up – the Axis Coaster.

Utilising its patented and proven 4D rotating vehicle technology, S&S has reimagined rollercoaster dynamics. Fluid movements are a key feature of the new AXIS rollercoaster, giving riders the feeling of flying, which is unique to the Axis.

The ride rotates around the axis of the track, meaning riders might be positioned above, below or to the side of the track. The coaster is available in custom layouts, so it is suitable for a wide variety of space constraints. It can also be designed as a high-thrill ride or a family friendly coaster.

Preston Perkes, director of administration at S&S, commented: “This ride has been in the works for three years now. It started as a concept from one of our employees and evolved to what we are bringing to the market today. There are things you can do on this coaster that you can’t do on any other ride.”

Josh Hays, executive director of sales at S&S, said: “I am thrilled that we can offer a ride like this to our customers. This is truly an original ride that provides an experience unlike any other to its riders. It’s the kind of ride that people will see on TV and say, ‘I have to ride that!’”



S&S Worldwide, specialists in the design of pneumatically powered amusement rides and rollercoasters, has appointed Josh Hays as executive director of sales and marketing.

The son of Larry Hays, who has sold amusement attractions for over 30 years, Josh Hays is more than familiar with the amusement and attractions industry.

Josh Hays joined the amusement attractions industry five years ago, as director of sales for Setpoint and JR Automation Setpoint and thereby brings a wealth of knowledge of sales operations and strategies to S&S.

Hays has a BA from the University of Utah and an MBA from Westminster College and has taken part in many prestigious industry events, including IAAPA, the TEA Summit and Thea Awards.

Tim Timco, S&S president and CEO commented on the new appointment.

“Very pleased to have Josh join our team and oversee our sales and marketing efforts, his skill set and prior accomplishments provide us with a great deal of confidence in taking our organisation to new heights,” said Timco.