Dream Island, Moscow’s new indoor theme park, appears to be on track to open later in 2019, with the installation of the park’s ‘Smurfs Village.’

The themed zone area will feature a playground, five rides, a sweet shop named ‘Sweets from Smurfetta,’ a café, and the ‘House of the Pope Smurf’ gift shop.

The rides include a carousel known as the ‘Crazy Master’s Invention,’ which has 16 seats, all of which resemble some type of dessert.

The Surfs themed area is one of the most environmentally friendly areas of the theme park.

Ivon Scholl, technical director at Dream Island, described the new themed zone.

“The zone is focused mainly on children. There are no extreme rides here, they are all quite calm and accessible for children from 1 to 1.1 meters tall.

“Smurfs Village is themed according to the cartoon story, the characters will live in mushroom houses, each attraction also has its own unique style – it is either a mushroom, or storks hovering over the village, or the mysterious Gargamel Tower that hides a secret lab for the preparation of magic potions,” Scholl added.

The first phase of construction for the theme park began in early 2018. The venue will be home to 40 attractions, including a dark ride rollercoaster that can reach speeds of 80 kmph.

Another key attraction of Dream Island is a flying theatre known as ‘Flight into the World of Dinosaurs.’