Midsummer Evenings are being presented at Toverland in Sevenum, Netherlands, with extra shows, live entertainment and special characters.

These special evenings are running for five Wednesday evenings and five Saturday evenings and will revolve around the park’s annual event known as Midsummer Evenings.

At the end of the ten evenings, a magical firework display will take place.

During Midsummer Evenings, each of the different themed areas in the park are brought to life with its own entertainment.

The park’s entrance, Port Laguna, will greet guests with swinging music, a human statue and a magical caricaturist.

The tales of Merlin are being told at the Legends of Avalon with the famous wizard and troubadours playing their medieval music at the Flaming Feather inn.

‘Stimmung und Spaß’ will fill the Biergarten and memorable firework displays will light up the sky at the wooden rollercoaster Troy.

Visitors are also able to go on various water attractions throughout the evening and embark on a rollercoaster ride at sunset.

A new show called ‘The Battle of Port Laguna’ will be performed at Toverland until August 25. The show involves a battle between good and evil taking place on a stranded ship stage, ending in a 25-metre death dive.

The Midsummer Evenings take place every Wednesday and Saturday from 17 July until 17 August 2019.

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