Holovis, specialists in the creation of immersive and mixed experimental design, has partnered with D-Box, manufacturers of motion systems, to bring the next generation of highly precise, dynamic motion into the flight simulation experience.

The Descent is a multisensory, fully immersive, adrenaline-pumped virtually reality experience, which takes visitors on a journey where through a cave system infested by creatures as they battle for survival.

The VR experience combines cinematic effects, real-life gaming, 3D soundscapes and immersive audio triggered events, to ensure each experience is unique from the next, as guests reach further into the caves.

Four D-Box Actuators create 1.5 inches of heave on the standing motion platform, helping to propel guests into thrilling encounters with terrifying creatures as they make their way through the cave.

Holovis decided to team up with D-Box on the project, as the innovative company can generate more than 65,000 different motion cues, including movements, textures and vibrations, designed to enhance the realism of the experience.

As Peter Cliff, creative director of Holovis, explains: “We have long been championing fully multisensory, connected experiences that go beyond just the visuals to include advanced sound design, integrated SFX and precise synchronised motion. Working alongside D-BOX to harness its motion capability we are further advancing this experiential layer of storytelling with a solution that is scalable from e-ticket attractions through to these next generation attractions that are now accessible to FECs and more compact entertainment spaces.”

Yannick Gemme, sales vice president at D-BOX, commented: “Our motion system stems from decades of simulation engineering in dynamic fields such as flight simulation, construction equipment simulation, cinematic entertainment and racing simulation. We consistently apply the very same level of engineering precision to deliver the highest level of immersiveness in all types of applications in the attractions industry.

“The system also presents clients with a low total cost of ownership, as the operation of a D-BOX powered attraction requires little to no maintenance. Its seamless integration ensures that attraction remains user friendly all while requiring minimal training and knowledge for operators,” Gemme added.

The Descent is being showcased at EAG Expo at Booth 355, which is running from the 14 – 16 January, 2020.



ARena Space, a chain of data-driven VR parks for the entertainment and retail industries, has announced it plans new launches in New York City and London, due in mid-2020.

In 2018, Arena Space raised more than $8 million to fund its international expansion. The company is now planning to raise an additional $30 million for further expansion.

ARena Space plans to launch in several other locations by the end of 2020, including Los Angeles, Berlin, Barcelona, and Dubai. During the next five years, the company intends to develop its own data-driven VR parks in more than 20 cities around the world.

The standard ARena Space park features ten zones, which focus on different target audiences and occupy various sizes of sites.

Since the start of 2016, more than 150,000 people have visited ARena Space parks. With a data-driven approach, the company enables customer retention to be increased at a rate of five times that of traditional entertainment. The firm’s management system analyses sales to maximise efficiency while providing a personalised experience to customers at traditional shopping malls and amusement parks.

Vasily Ryzhonkov, ARena Space founder and CEO, said: “Our data-driven approach gives us and our partners insights into our customers and their preferences.

“Family entertainment centres and cinemas are becoming less profitable. They require more investment, but their lifecycle is shortening because consumers are bored of existing entertainment and are looking for more immersive and engaging experiences,” Ryzhonkov added.

ARena Space launched in 2015. The company currently operates four VR parks in Europe.



The Omni Arena virtual reality attraction, developed by Virtuix, has debuted at the Andretti Indoor Karting & Games site in Orlando, Florida.

The latest instalment of the VR esport game is part of a nationwide rollout, which has seen Omni Arena launched at Dave & Buster’s, Sky Zone, and FACE Amusement’s Rockin’ Raceway.

Omni Arena involves a maximum of four players competing to head the leader board and potentially win cash from a lucrative prize pool sponsored by Virtuix and HP.

Virtuix manages and organises the ongoing esport competitions, meaning operators don’t have to do anything.

Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix, commented: “Omni Arena is achieving a 30% repeat play rate across all our venues, among the highest in the industry.

“Our goal for Omni Arena was to create an anchor attraction at entertainment venues that guests don’t just try once, but play again and again.

“We are excited to install Omni Arena at Andretti in Orlando, where we will showcase the attraction to VIP guests during IAAPA 2019,” Goetgeluk added.

Founded in 2013, Virtuix is a leader in “active VR” attractions and the creator of Omni, the ‘first-of-its-kind motion platform, which enables virtual reality environments to rotate 360 degrees.