Discovery Destinations, delivers of location-based entertainment, has set up a strategic partnership with technology experience designer Holovis, in a bid to take immersive experiences to the next level.

The collaboration is designed to bring new dimensions into the multisensory and immersive environments, as a means of informing, inspiring and entertaining guests through memorable experiences.

As Christine Wacker, vice president of Discovery describes: “Through our partnership with Holovis we are aiming to engage all five senses to deliver sensational experiences that have never been done before with our content.

“The immersive environments will feature surround, seamless and all-encompassing visuals, spatial audio, SFX including gentle winds and mists, scent to complement the scenes and a fully themed menu, enabling guests to go on spectacular journeys around the world and enjoy authentic cuisine in these stunning environments.

“This will make the experiences even more powerful and ultimately memorable. Our guests will be very excited to partake in these events,” continued Wacker.

Holovis will be working on delivering bespoke, turnkey and scalable technical solutions for the likes of themed entertainment spaces, live shows, hotels, exhibitions and cruise ships. The tailored solutions will combine complex AV, emerging technologies and intuitive interactivity.

Heidi Pinchal, business development at Holovis, spoke about the aims of the new immersive technology: “We will also be looking at ways to extend andnhance the experience even further utilising our proprietary software suites such as HoloTrac.

“Guests are identified through a powerful attribute recognition engine and their personalised adventures are driven through modules including gesture and object recognition. This allows for frictionless and intuitive interaction with the space to enjoy nonlinear narratives and experiences.

“By putting them in control of their own adventure they can influence the virtual world around them for experiences that are different every time depending on their interests, mood and how they choose to engage,” added Pinchal.

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