An interesting development in the world of Gyro VR motion systems should lead to plenty of technological innovations in the future of the field. One of the world’s pre-eminent experience designers has joined forces with a leading digital agency and manufacturer to exclusively supply the Gyro VR system in Europe as well as innovate new developments together.

Holovis specialise in multisensory, immersive and interactive platforms, serving global destination attractions and entertainment venues with emerging disruptive technology and transformational solutions. Their new partner, Sanghwa, is one of the top digital agencies in Korea and the manufacturer of the Gyro VR motion system.

The Gyro VR motion system is a 360-degree spinning rig that allows people to experience real-time movement during a virtual journey which can include complete rotations. The two companies have already developed an exclusive 2-DOF Gyro VR system together, which is a 360-rotating motion system rig designed to fit in spaces with a ceiling height of less than 2.2 metres. The major contribution to this new rig provided by Holovis is the addition of customised middleware and enhanced interactivity. They have also introduced new IP-led content that enables the creation of unique programme paths.

The enhanced interactivity means guests experiencing the Gyro VR system will be able to influence the virtual journey they are undertaking, changing the path they ‘travel’ upon and thus create a unique and personal experience.