The Fangtawild Oriental Heritage Park, the first Fantawild theme park in the Chinese city of Jingzhou, Hubei, is opening on September 12, 2019.

The Fangtawild Oriental Heritage Park is located in the Jinan Ecological and Cultural Tourism Zone in the city.

The park boasts a Chinese historical culture theme, focused especially on the cultures of the Jing and Chu states.

By combining innovative technology with cultural creativity and interactive entertainment features, the theme park is designed to inject new vitality into the development of tourism culture in Hubei Province.

The new Fantawild theme park has a total of 41 indoor and outdoor rides and more than 200 buildings, designed to reflect the diversity of Chinese culture.

Many of the park’s attractions reflect iconic Chinese mythologies, including the ‘Nuwa Mended the Fallen’, ‘The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl’, ‘Shenzhou Tower’, ‘Qu Yuan’, ‘Battle of Red Cliffs’, and the ‘Folk Music in Chu State’, amongst many more.



The Silk Road Dreamland theme park has now opened in the city of Jiayuguan in the province of Gansu, China.

The theme park is centred on some of the most iconic aspects of Chinese culture, including the Great Wall and Silk Road.

Fantawild’s Silk Road Dreamland features 45 themed attractions and more than 200 landscape designs.

The ‘Silk Road Saga’ attraction comprises of advanced technology to take guests on a guest down the ancient trade route.

Another key attraction is the ‘Lady Meng Jiang,’ which takes visitors to the story of Lady Meng Jiang, who, according to the story, caused the Great Wall of China to come crashing down with her tears.

Featuring multiple screen, the ‘Legend of Nuwa’ attraction provides guests with an immersive entertainment experience.

The ‘Butterfly Lovers’ attraction combines augmented reality with live performances and hologram projection technology.

The ‘Marvels of Chinese Culture’ attraction presents 5,000 years of China’s history on a huge screen. On the opening day of the resort, the attraction attracted around 10,000 visitors to its screen.