BoldMove, Belgium-based providers of independent support to theme parks and leisure centres, has launched its first thrill ride. Known as ‘Smash & Reload’, the ride is hyper compact and high capacity, and is part of the new Rogue Rides range.

Rogue Rides combines innovative technologies with a creative concept and easy but dynamic gameplay, designed to provide guests with an immersive experience. The attractions are fully weather-proof.

Being hyper compact, starting at, yet with a high capacity of 360 people per hour, Smash & Reload can fit into leisure venues such as family parks and retail centres, as well as theme parks.

Players shoot in one of four interactive media screens, having to reload their devices, in a fast and interactive environment.

The game is designed for all ages, providing family entertainment with a team building element, where up to five teams can battle simultaneously. The attraction features a centralised projection, light and sound system to create an exciting atmosphere.

Benoit Cornet, founder and chief creative officer of BoldMove, commented on the new attraction: “We experience a true wave of enthusiasm from vendors and partners to put their best skills, people and technology into this exciting new attraction. We are so proud to pull this expertise together to build a next generation of dark rides with our customers. We address today’s needs and challenges with compact, yet high-capacity, fun rides packed with action and within reach of every budget.”

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