Moonraker VFX, the award-winning visual effects and CGI content creators for visitor attractions, has teamed up with hologram providers Animmersion, to create cutting-edge, 3D content to innovate the exhibit experience.

The technology can be layered over the physical world in real-time, bringing scientific data to life, enabling guests to witness and interact with human biology right in front of them.

Moonraker has delivered high-quality VFX work for the likes of Netflix and the BBC. The company has been working on visual experimenting with real scientific data for a while and recognised the opportunity the technology could bring to the attractions industry and exhibition space.

Animmersion’s work with the pioneering DeepFrame screen offers the perfect format for developing the concept, assisting with the visualisation of human biology in a more immersive manner.

The technology works by using a series of microscopic images (HREM slices) to develop 3D visualisation that has a similar look to CT and MRI scans. The result is high-quality, 3D hologram that rotates in mid-air.

Using Animmersion’s DeepFrame screen technology, which comprises of a special optical lens, the display can be either floor-mounted or suspended in the air to create a truly captivating experience. The final visual appears as a virtual layer on top of the real world, which can appear up to a mile away.

Jon Grafton, managing director at Moonraker commented: “We believe this is a game-changing opportunity to attract visitors. This technology helps bring content to life and captures audiences on a whole new level – at a competitive price.”

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