CAVU Designwerks, provider of immersive experiences, has launched Bluesky Services, offering a novel way for clients to engage with CAVU’s engineering team. Using the new Bluesky Services, customers can brainstorm technically on an existing or new project or product.

Customers can benefit from a traditional engineering think-tank type service, which enables CAVU’s engineers to engage with teams and deliver a design service, engineering consultation, as well as technical guidance for every stage of a project, including the pre-design concept level. These services are complementary and are provided remotely through a new interactive tool.

Bluesky Services also features a secondary creative charette service, which comprises of technical brainstorming sessions. Users can brainstorm elements of the development and engineering of a new product or attraction. The sessions can be booked in half, full or multi-day slots and are delivered through an interactive online platform. The brainstorming sessions are designed to nurture creativity from clients and the CAVU technical team to conceptualise pioneering attractions and experiences from the ground up.

Mark Stepanian, vice president Innovation & Engineering, commented on CAVU’s new services: “One of our favourite things is getting the opportunity to connect and engage with designers, architects, planners and any number of creative folks throughout the industry and beyond to design and engineer what is new and next within ride system design and also to discuss what’s possible, feasible and what the costs are for different experiences.

“Give the new normal, and even post COVID-19 we wanted to make sure we remain connected and available to provide the support, expertise, guidance, and knowledge about what the future looks like in themed entertainment,” Stepanian added.



Moonraker VFX, the award-winning visual effects and CGI content creators for visitor attractions, has teamed up with hologram providers Animmersion, to create cutting-edge, 3D content to innovate the exhibit experience.

The technology can be layered over the physical world in real-time, bringing scientific data to life, enabling guests to witness and interact with human biology right in front of them.

Moonraker has delivered high-quality VFX work for the likes of Netflix and the BBC. The company has been working on visual experimenting with real scientific data for a while and recognised the opportunity the technology could bring to the attractions industry and exhibition space.

Animmersion’s work with the pioneering DeepFrame screen offers the perfect format for developing the concept, assisting with the visualisation of human biology in a more immersive manner.

The technology works by using a series of microscopic images (HREM slices) to develop 3D visualisation that has a similar look to CT and MRI scans. The result is high-quality, 3D hologram that rotates in mid-air.

Using Animmersion’s DeepFrame screen technology, which comprises of a special optical lens, the display can be either floor-mounted or suspended in the air to create a truly captivating experience. The final visual appears as a virtual layer on top of the real world, which can appear up to a mile away.

Jon Grafton, managing director at Moonraker commented: “We believe this is a game-changing opportunity to attract visitors. This technology helps bring content to life and captures audiences on a whole new level – at a competitive price.”



WhiteWater, a global leader in the design and manufacture of waterpark attractions, has launched Endless Surf, powerful inland wave technology.  The Endless Surf wave has been selected to be installed in the 250m euro development at La Vague Grand Paris.

The pool technology features efficient and customisable waves, generated by WhiteWater’s four decade-long expertise in aquatic engineering and experience design.

Endless Surf comprises of a heart-shaped pool that is scalable in size. The pool boasts a 1,000 ft. width and a five-acre pool, which can provide an end-to-end surf lasting 26 seconds. The operator can control the wave pattern in real-time based on session requirements and the number of guests in the pool via patent protected proprietary programming accessed through a Wave Doctor interface.

Endless Surf can also run multiple wave types simultaneously enabling beginners, intermediates, and experts to surf at the same time, bringing welcome flexibility to operators.

Geoff Chutter, WhiteWater’s CEO, spoke about the new creation: “WhiteWater made its first surf pool, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, in 1989. With Endless Surf, we introduce the next generation of surf pool technology. Our goal is to make the world’s best man-made wave, creating an authentic surf experience that enables tens of thousands to discover the thrill of surfing for the first time.

Paul Chutter, chief business development Officer of WhiteWater, added: “Our reliable pneumatic technology creates endless rolling sets, designed for operational success; being flexible, high capacity, and above all else, safe.”



BoldMove, Belgium-based providers of independent support to theme parks and leisure centres, has launched its first thrill ride. Known as ‘Smash & Reload’, the ride is hyper compact and high capacity, and is part of the new Rogue Rides range.

Rogue Rides combines innovative technologies with a creative concept and easy but dynamic gameplay, designed to provide guests with an immersive experience. The attractions are fully weather-proof.

Being hyper compact, starting at, yet with a high capacity of 360 people per hour, Smash & Reload can fit into leisure venues such as family parks and retail centres, as well as theme parks.

Players shoot in one of four interactive media screens, having to reload their devices, in a fast and interactive environment.

The game is designed for all ages, providing family entertainment with a team building element, where up to five teams can battle simultaneously. The attraction features a centralised projection, light and sound system to create an exciting atmosphere.

Benoit Cornet, founder and chief creative officer of BoldMove, commented on the new attraction: “We experience a true wave of enthusiasm from vendors and partners to put their best skills, people and technology into this exciting new attraction. We are so proud to pull this expertise together to build a next generation of dark rides with our customers. We address today’s needs and challenges with compact, yet high-capacity, fun rides packed with action and within reach of every budget.”



To celebrate May 4 – otherwise known as Star Wars Day – Disney Parks has debuted its new Droid Depot app.

The app is designed to bring the magic of Droid Depot at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge into the homes of Star Wars fans everywhere. Users will be able to interact with droids at home. The app enables fans to build their own droids, enjoy virtual experiences and create a digital astromech companion.

Through the interactive app, users can customise their droids by name, programme the droids, see their profiles, and put them on virtual tours around their own home, while manoeuvring through the app.

Star Wars enthusiasts can even choose their favourite galactic songs by DJR3X and programme their droid to dance to their melodies of their top space songs.

The app is free to download on the Google Pay and App store for a limited time.



Like many companies, Zamperla, specialists in amusement rides design and manufacturing, has been busy reinventing its way of work and how it interacts with customers during the restrictions set by the coronavirus pandemic.

Zamperla’s Care Team has initiated a new solution to support its customers throughout these difficult times. Through advanced technology, Zamperla has reinvented the way it assembles rides, despite the limitations and restrictions of travel caused by the pandemic.

Zamperla’s ride mechanical supervisor, based in the company’s headquarters in Altavilla, is utilising extended collaboration software. The software enables the direct sharing of video, audio and remote augmented reality interactions, as well as document sharing, to provide clear instructions on how to assemble Zamperla rides.

The advanced, remotely communicated instructions, are designed to help customers assembly rides even during social distancing enforcements.



As theme parks and attraction sites around the world prepare to ramp up cleaning and maintenance efforts to reopen safely, Ride Entertainments is offering two services to help – Skycoaster and attraction maintenance.

Skycoaster provides cleaning solutions for flight suites. As Lance Beatty, Skycoaster’s managing director explains: “As our industry faces an unprecedented chain of events, Skycoaster remains open and committed to supporting our customers as you navigate these challenges times.

“We want to especially thank High Energy Sports for their tireless effort to find solutions regarding the sanitisation of our flight suits and establishing a procedure to help guide you during operations. We wish everyone a safe and healthy season and hope to be flying soon.”

Ride Entertainment also offers installation and maintenance services, designed to supplement parks’ maintenance teams or project manage and complete projects so that the required maintenance of rides are completed on time.

Whether it is train rehabs or chain replacements, Ride Entertainment’s installation and maintenance team can assist theme parks to ensure they are up, running and safe when it is time to reopen.



For theme park enthusiasts missing their favourite rides and attractions during lockdown, they may be able to have some kind of fix by building model nanocoasters.

The miniature replicas of famous rollercoasters from SeaWorld and Busch Gardens parks are being sold as being easy to assemble.

As well as some of the most well-known rides, buildable models are also available in attractions that have yet to be opened, including Iron Gwazi in Busch Gardens Tampa, Pantheon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Ice Breaker at SeaWorld Orlando.

Each nanocoaster model costs $37.99.



Extreme Engineering, an industry leader in engineering design, is providing face shields to help protect people from contracting the coronavirus.

Teaming up with their strategic partners, Extreme Engineering has developed the ‘Extreme PPE Shield’, which can be ordered through the company’s engineering parts’ department.

The protective shields are fully adjustable, equipped with an adjustable headband with Velcro attachment. Recognising the high demand for PPE gear to be delivered quickly, Extreme Engineering is able to provide fast delivery times, even on large volume orders.

Jeff Wilson, CEO of Extreme Engineering, said the company wanted to support the crisis and that its factory is equipped to manufacture PPE products quickly and efficiently.

“Everybody knows a nurse, first responder or friend working with the mass public. Our team wanted to provide protection to these brave, hardworking individuals during these uncertain times,” said Wilson.

“Our company is offering the Extreme PPE Shield as a donation opportunity, allowing people to order and send the PPE shields to any person or organisation they desire. We even include free, standard ground shipping in the continental US on all donation orders,” Wilson continued.

A percentage of the proceeds will be donated by Extreme Engineering to UNICEF in the fight to beat COVID-19.



Animax Designs, a market leader in the creation of animatronic and interactive characters for theme parks and entertainment centres around the world, are now involved in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

The Nashville-based company is producing masks and face shields to help protect people working in the medical profession.

As the disease escalated within the local Nashville, Tennessee community, Animax saw an opportunity to utilise its existing manufacturing equipment to develop specialist protective masks and face shields to help protect health workers on the frontline.

Chuck Fawcett, president and CEO of Animax Designs, commented: “I think this initiative fits very well with our purpose. We are in business to bring smiles to faces around the world. When children see those beloved characters literally coming to life in front of their eyes, it transports them into their own fantastical dream world.

“One of my favourite things is to watch the reaction of parents when they see this excitement in their children. Now many of those same parents are stepping up to the plate directly in the face of danger.

“They are on the front lines helping to care for and protect our community. We have an amazing opportunity to help protect those same parents when this is all over, they can once again see the smiles on their children’s faces,” Fawcett continued.