As theme parks and attraction sites around the world prepare to ramp up cleaning and maintenance efforts to reopen safely, Ride Entertainments is offering two services to help – Skycoaster and attraction maintenance.

Skycoaster provides cleaning solutions for flight suites. As Lance Beatty, Skycoaster’s managing director explains: “As our industry faces an unprecedented chain of events, Skycoaster remains open and committed to supporting our customers as you navigate these challenges times.

“We want to especially thank High Energy Sports for their tireless effort to find solutions regarding the sanitisation of our flight suits and establishing a procedure to help guide you during operations. We wish everyone a safe and healthy season and hope to be flying soon.”

Ride Entertainment also offers installation and maintenance services, designed to supplement parks’ maintenance teams or project manage and complete projects so that the required maintenance of rides are completed on time.

Whether it is train rehabs or chain replacements, Ride Entertainment’s installation and maintenance team can assist theme parks to ensure they are up, running and safe when it is time to reopen.

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