Christie Digital Systems, a global visual and audio technologies company, has helped to bring ‘El Sueño de Toledo’ to life by equipping the stage show at Spain’s new Puy du Fou España historical theme park with 28 laser projections.

The historical theme park is currently under construction and is due to open in spring 2021. Locals have the chance to preview ‘El Sueño de Toledo’, a spectacular night-time show that relives more than 1,500 years of Spanish history.

Christie’s laser projectors are installed in the theme park’s three towers and light up the walls, buildings, bridges, churches, trees, rivers, windmills and stones, which make up the set that includes 1,400 sq. mt. of projection area.

The set took eight months to complete and creates a dramatic backdrop for iconic characters from Spain’s diverse history to appear on stage, including Reccared I, Alfonso VI, Alfonso X the Wise, Al Ma’mun, Isabella of Castile, as well as Christopher Columbus, Emperor Charles V, and Miguel de Cervantes.

The show lasts for 75 minutes and can accommodate an audience of 4,000. Dancing, battle scenes and performances are heightened by special effects, lighting, music, projects, water screens and fireworks.

Olivier Girard, technical director at Puy du Fou España, spoke about the collaboration with Christie. “Since 2009, Christie has been one of our main suppliers and at the current moment we have over 100 of the brand’s projectors, including models from the J Series, Boxer, GS and now, also, the HS Series,” said Girand.

“The choice was a foregone conclusion because our relationship with Christie is very solid and rewarding. We were also swayed by the fact that Christie has an office in Madrid – just one hour from Toledo – which offers us technical support at all times, thus guaranteeing us its unparalleled level of service,” Girand added.

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