The first newly developed product has been assembled at Simtec’s new Manufactory in Braunschweig, Germany, which opened earlier this year.

The Funride 30 System is a unique closed cabin simulator, developed specifically for a customer in Qatar. The simulator is designed to seat 30 visitors on a Simtec motion system.

This immersive experience involves the omission of special effects, including spray, wind and scent, alongside a 3D projection.

Following the completion of the Funride 30, a Funride 40 will be assembled at the Simtec Manufactory as a serial product for a number of different locations in China.

As a way of showing gratitude to the partners and suppliers involved in the development of the Funride 30 system, Simtec invited held a Funride 30 celebratory event at the Simtec Manufactory, with test rides on the new immersive experience and finger food.

The Simtec Manufactory comprises of 5,500 metre squares of assembly and test space, designed to build, test and install more and bigger systems and meet the requirements of customers.

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