Alterface, manufacturers of interactive and media-based attractions around the world, has appointed a new vision and management team. The team will develop and install detection and shooting system, gameplay and design, as well as being responsible for show control and ride management.

The new vision and management team comprises of Gillian Basso, Stéphane Battaille, François Danhaive, Laurence Beckers, Olivier Noel and Etienne Sainton. These highly creative and experienced individuals in the industry join Alterface at challenging times but are positive about the opportunities ahead.

Stéphane Battaille took over as Alterface CEO. Battaille will be supported by Etienne Sainton for product management, Laurence Beckers as creative director, CIO Gillian Basso, François Danhaive for program management and Olivier Noel as CFO.

Before his appointment to CEO earlier this year, Stéphane Battaille was Alterface’s COO and a shareholder of the company. Battaille conceived and delivered the very first mixed-media interactive ride for all LEGO Discovery Centres, as well as Maus au Chocolat at Phantasialand in Germany.

Creative Director Laurence Beckershas has more than 18 years’ experience in creative industries, working at the intersection of art, science and technology.

Last summer Gillian Basso was appointed as Alterface’s CIO. “I want to ensure Alterface stays at the forefront of interactive technology so we can offer the most innovative user-centric attractions, immersing visitors in a world of magic and fun,” said Basso.

Etienne Sainton, who is supervising Alterface’s product management division, has worked as a software engineer at Alterface for many years and is a self-confessed theme park enthusiast. Sainton was involved in developing the erratic and simulation technology for Popcorn Revenge, as well as the Justice League interactivity in all US Six Flags parks.

With a new vision and management team, Alterface aim to make interactive attractions more accessible to theme parks. As Stéphane Battaille concludes: “The recognition of Alterface rides the past years with high- level awards, has led to an increased interest in interactive attractions. We now want to make this more accessible to parks and manufacturers by offering them interactive technology building blocks. This will help the industry and our customers to address future challenges and keep entertaining families with new immersive experiences. We invite everyone to come and talk to us about ideas to develop exciting attractions together.”