Jordan has opened an underwater military museum for divers, located off the coast of Aqaba. The submerged attraction enables divers, snorkeller and glass boat guests to explore a combat helicopter, an ambulance, tanks, an anti-aircraft gun, a military crane and troop carriers.

The military items were submerged and stationed along coral reefs, so the attraction resembles a battle formation.

Some objects are positioned in deeper water than others, with some sat at 15- 20 metres below the water’s surface, and others at 20 – 28 metres.

Visitors can explore the new, underwater world through several options, including diving, snorkelling or by a glass bottom boat.

The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) said precautions had been taken to ensure the safety and protection of the marine life and its environment, including the removing of all hazardous materials from the items submerged in the sea.

The items submerged all came from the Jordanian Army, including an unarmed FV104 Samaritan tracked military ambulance and a 120mm tank gun.

More acquisitions are planned to be sunk at the site in the future.