IAAPA Expo 2019 will see cashless technology for the amusement industry specialists Intercard debut its highly anticipated iReader Impulse, a first-of-its-kind hybrid card reader for the amusement industry.

As well as accepting credit cards, the iReader Impulse accepts stored-value play cards, enabling park operators to take advantage of the growing consumer demand to use credit cards for small transactions like game play.

When tested in arcades, the iReader Impulse has been found to increase overall game revenue by as much as 20%. By capturing the business of “impulse” players who only want to play a few quick games, Intercard’s iReader Impulse is the first reader to help operators increase revenue.

With FECs increasingly moving to cashless technology and vetoing coin-operated machines, the trend for impulse players to use cash is becoming rarer. With the iReader Impulse, players can enjoy a similar ease-of-use, without having to download apps or set up a mobile wallet on their devices.

Scott Sherrod, CEO of Intercard, spoke about the demand for such payment technology: “We think the ability to use credit cards right at the reader will revolutionise our industry, allowing proprietors to capture a larger share of impulse play.

“The iReader Impulse is a huge leap forward in game payment because it gives impulse players a quick and easy way to pay while giving proprietors all the benefits of cashless technology,” said Sherrod.

Intercard will be showcasing its state-of-the-art new reader at booth #2206 at IAAPA Expo 2019.