Good news for pizza-loving theme park fans as International Theme Park Services (ITPS) have announced a partnership that will see Sbarro pizzas introduced to amusement parks, water parks as well as in family entertainment centres, aquariums and zoos.

ITPS is the global leisure industry’s leading independent, full-service consulting firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company’s founder and CEO, Dennis Speigel, said of the pizza deal: “ITPS believes that the financial impact of bringing the quality of Sbarro to the theme park and attractions world can be substantial due to the global power of the IP and impact of the brand as one of the top pizza brands in the world.”

Sbarro is the leading quick-serve pizzeria chain specialising in New York-style pizza sold by the slice as well as other Italian-American cuisine. Sbarro and ITPS believe their partnership to be a perfect fit for the theme park and attractions industry. Park operators will be able to increase the menu variety on offer to their guests, ultimately improving their profit margins.

The CEO of Sbarro, David Karam, was enthusiastic about the potential of the partnership, saying: “Sbarro is excited to collaborate with ITPS as we continue the expansion of our brand into an industry that we believe is well suited for our flexible operating model, one which we know can improve guest satisfaction and increase sales.”



International Theme Park Services (ITPS) has announced its new president and chief operating officer (COO). Dennis Speigel, founder and CEO of ITPS made the announcement that Pamela Westerman is the new president and COO.

During the announcement speech, Speigel noted how Ms. Westerman has been a part of the ITPS team’s success for many years. Speigel commented: “Pam is an amazing individual with remarkable leadership and organizational skills. She has a vast knowledge of the leisure industry, having led the ITPS team on projects across every continent. She is known throughout the industry and respected around the world.”

In response to the announcement Ms. Westerman said: “I am honored to take on this role at ITPS. My industry tenure and my 30+ years at ITPS have well prepared me for this position. I will do my utmost to continue to assure that ITPS leads the way with unmatched, full-service leisure consultation domestically and globally.”

As president and COO, Pamela Westerman will oversee the day-to-day operations of the different departments at ITPS, all of which are vital in enabling the organisation to provide high-quality service to its clients.

Speigel will remain CEO at ITPS, providing strategic direction, setting company visions and goals, as well as overseeing performance.

Noting the timing of the appointment, Speigel said: “The timing is perfect for this organisational re-structure and the Board of Directors has unanimously approved this change. ITPS celebrates its upcoming 37th anniversary in 2020. We continue to be called upon by companies and organisations around the world for consultation and services. Our industry remains in a major state of growth. Pam Westerman is well suited to continue leading ITPS for many years to come.”