One of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of extreme thrill rides, the Funtime Group, recently introduced an even more extreme version of their famous Booster ride at Prater Park in Vienna, Austria.

The new Booster Unhinged now has guests experiencing three separate motions all at once from their unique individual seating. With completely unobstructed views, thrill-seekers experience the rotation of the main boom along with the powered rotation of the seating rigs and the free-flipping gravitational motion of each individual seat.

The Prater Park site has been the Funtime Group’s favourite location to debut new rides due to its proximity to their factory. Their General Manager, Hannes Lackner, said of the new ride: “After over 20 years of success with our original Booster rides, Funtime felt the time had come to re-imagine the concept and deliver yet another dimension of thrills that our clients and fans expect from our company.” Lackner added that the Booster Unhinged ride had so far exceeded all expectations.

Funtime are also opening two classic Boosters in the United States at two Six Flags theme parks, one at the St. Louis site and the other at the Great Escape in New York. They should be up and running for thrill-seeking guests to enjoy by the spring of 2020.