The Coconut Shores water play area for children at the Kings Dominion Soak City Water Park in Virginia is to receive an exciting redesign. The renovation project is being undertaken by the Aquatic Development Group (ADG) and should be ready for visitors to enjoy by May 2020.

The new Coconut Shores will be bigger thanks to ADG’s innovative design methods, with the incorporation of an underused 35,000 square foot wave pool nearby that will allow them to build two new attractions.

The first new attraction will consist of a multi-level play structure with over 200 interactive water features and multiple kid-friendly slides. ADG will also install their trademarked Mini Harbour water ride attraction, essentially a miniature wave pool powered by ADG’s WaveTek technology featuring waves up to 12 inches high.

“We are very excited to watch the Kings Dominion Coconut Shores project come to life,” said ADG’s president, Jim Dunn.

Adult visitors can also enjoy a new dining experience with various cuisines and cocktails available, with parents able to supervise their kids from a selection of chaise lounges in the newly renovated spaces of Lighthouse Landing and Sand Dune Lagoon.

The vice president and general manager of Kings Dominion, Tony Johnson, added: “The investment in Soak City demonstrates our commitment to being Virginia’s premier water park.”