Hong Kong Disneyland is lending its vacant sites to the Chinese government so they can used as quarantine facilities to help eliminate the spread of coronavirus.

As officials consider how to bring people from Hong Kong that are stranded in Wuhan back “in batches”, it has been announced that the government will use a 60-hectare site reserved for the expansion of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Referring to the 60-hectare site reserved for the theme park’s expansion on Lantau Island, Commerce and Economic Development Bureau chief Edward Yau Tang-wah said: “We have secured the company’s consent to use part of the site if it is needed.

“We need all quarantine facilities for surveillance, basically we will leave no stone unturned [when identifying sites for building quarantine facilities],” Yau Tang-wah added.

There are also 2,200 Hong Kong residents stranded in the Hubei province, ten of which are confirmed to have been infected with the virus. The government has announced it needs to have sufficient quarantine facilities in place in order to bring the residents back to Hong Kong.

China’s mainland affairs minister Patrick Nip Tak-kuen, commented: “We have already started planning for their return.

“We first need to have these facilities as well as the understanding of residents [near the quarantine sites] before we implement the plan,” he added.

The four-hectare vacant land located near the carpark at Disneyland would be able to facilitate around 600 units to accommodate the Hong Kong residents.

Hong Kong Disneyland is currently closed as a precaution against the coronavirus outbreak.

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