Vantage Pivots, providers of innovative technology to the attractions industry, is to use its tracing software to help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The tech was developed to trace guests visiting waterparks via smart wrist bands.

The tracking software enables waterparks to see how guests circulate and which attractions they spend the time the most on. The technology thereby provides a waterpark with a snapshot of the number of visitors at a site and where the most popular places within a waterpark are.

Philip Edgell, Vantage’s president, described the benefits of the technology. “The value stems from linking wrist bands to guest profiles. Each guest of the park is incentivised to create a profile that records any number of details a park wishes to know and that the guest is willing to share.

“The guest receives a more personalised experience and the operator, in turn, receives guest details, while allowing them to respond to customer behaviours in real-time,” Edgell added.

Knowing where visitors are and how long they stayed in specific areas, could prove beneficial to businesses other than attraction sites, during the era of social distancing. Having the ability to trace people, without using a mobile phone, and within a confined space and known who they have come into contact with, could be an accurate and effective way to help stop the spread of viruses.

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