SACOA have announced that industry veteran Chris Vecchione has joined their team to focus on expanding their national and international sales market.

SACOA’s Chief Executive Officer, Sebastian Mochkovsky, said: “I and the entire SACOA family are thrilled to welcome Chris to our company; his years of coin-op distribution, route operations and familiarity with Family Fun Centres make him a perfect fit for our company.

“Chris established his own ‘network’ sales company called MVP NETWORK SALES, LLC that has referral salespeople all over the United States as well as internationally. Chris will not only increase our sales presence but also develop a team to cover every state in the country.”

SACOA is one of the world’s leading suppliers of revenue management systems for the amusement and leisure industries. They have nearly 2,000 installations in around 70 countries all over the globe.

They specialise in creating bespoke applications that enable entertainment facility controllers to manage all aspects of their operations. SACOA’s cashless hardware/software systems have been admired and employed by many clients in the attractions sector, with that popularity growth set to increase under the guidance of Vecchione and Mochkovsky.

The two men have been friends for many years, with Vecchione having closely followed SACOA’s emergence as a world leader in revenue management systems under the leadership of Mochkovsky.

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