Universal Beijing Resort has released details about its ‘Kung Fu Panda the Land of Awesomeness’, one of several lands that the resort will launch in 2021.

The land will be the first themed area in Universal theme parks to be themed on the animated film of Kung Fu Panda.

‘Kung Fu Panda the Land of Awesomeness’ is to vibrantly re-live the enchanting story of Kung Fu Panda, as Pando Po overcomes many an obstacle in his quest to become a master of martial arts.

With indoor attractions, the land will be devoted to providing visitors with a ‘Chinese legendary experience.’

Guests can enjoy a full immersive experience, with innovative technology and striking Kung Fu Panda sets. Among the iconic sets will be many a Kung Fu Panda favourite, including Emerald Palace, Panda Village and Peach Tree of Wisdom.

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