Visual design and light technology specialists, Painting with Light, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Based in Belgium, the company was founded by Luc Peumans in 1999. Over the last two decades, Painting with Light has built up an impressive track record, creating innovative designs, dramatic immersive environments and utilising multi-media and luminescent content.

Due to Puemans’ imagination, vision, focus and sense of adventure, Painting with Light has emerged as a global technical pioneer and solutions provider. With a skilled team of passionate industry experts with diverse knowledge and skillsets, the company operates across multiple entertainment and leisure industry platforms.

In the early days, Painting with Light focused on designing lghting, video and scenic elements for music festivals and tours, TV productions, theatre productions and live events.

With Puemans’ drive to experiment and innovate, the company evolved into ‘crossover’ areas, such as the ‘architainment’ sector, centred on utilising different light and luminosity techniques.

Painting and Light now offers a diverse range of projects, in both its original capacity and in newer disciplines that involve the installation of lighting and multimedia to enhance the atmosphere and mood of a project.

Painting and Light’s work can be found in theme parks, museums, attractions, venues and buildings, including football arenas and offices.

Commenting on the achievements of his company over the last 20 years, Luc Peumans said: “We are proud to have contributed to the professionalism of the entertainment industry by elevating events and attractions with light design and technology.

“Our objective is to evoke emotions and create a more immersive experience by adding a strong visual dimension. This requires a deep understanding of each project’s dynamics and the client expectations.

“To achieve this, we have built a reliable multi-disciplinary team who combines technology with creativity, going the extra mile and enjoying the journey towards a quality end result,” Puemans added.

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