Triotech, the leading developer of media-based attractions, is celebrating the milestone of attracting 45,000 players onto its XD Dark Ride interactive theatre at the Pinballz Arcade in Austin, Texas.

The XD Dark Ride is an 8-seat attraction, which was installed at Pinballz Arcade in May 2017. The ride is centred on a unique competitive scoring system, which allows players to play against themselves or in groups.

In celebration of the milestone, the entertainment site has welcomed a new addition to it’s the XD Dark Ride’s movie selection, the Carnival.

Eric Beauregard, vice president of global sales at Triotech, spoke about the Carnival, stating:

“Carnival has enjoyed great success since we launched it last November. In only five months, already more than 77,000 players worldwide have experienced this thrilling adventure. It’s a great addition to Pinballz XD Dark Ride library, especially with the Halloween season coming.

“We’re committed to offering a new movie every year. We’re excited to reveal the new one at IAAPA Expo in Orlando in November!”

Darren Sophn, CEO of Pinballz, commented:

“We love working with Triotech, they are always responsive, their equipment is very reliable, and the XD Dark Ride has been a great investment. It is very popular amongst our visitors, people often want to replay to have a higher score than their friends, so we’re thrilled to be able to add Carnival to our movie selection.”



Interactive entertainment specialists Triotech has launched its first XD dark ride interactive theatre in the Granby Zoo, one of Quebec’s major tourist destinations.

The 7D theatre is proving to be a hit at the Granby Zoo, which features 11 rides. The XD dark ride theatre is currently showing Carnival, Triotech Studio’s latest film.

Players are imprisoned by a revenge-seeking clown, who keeps them prisoners in a run-down theme park. Players are forced to confront scary automatons, giant heads and other terrifying creatures as they try to escape the nightmare.

Christian Martin, Triotech’s vice-president of marketing, spoke about the new attraction.

The XD Dark Ride interactive theatre was designed in Quebec for the whole family. It’s one of our signature attractions, contributing for nearly eight years to our international reach.

Winner of the prestigious IAAPA Brass Ring award in the “Best-New-Product” category, this attraction makes it possible for eight people to play and experience simultaneously an intense multi-sensory adventure coupled with leading-edge technology and special effects,” said Martin.

Samuel Grenier, Granby Zoo’s director of operations, is equally as pleased about the launch of the new attraction.

“We are proud to continue working with Triotech. In 2012, we set up a 16-seat immersive theatre without XD interactivity that was very popular with visitors.

“With the 7D theatre, we wanted to provide our customers an unparalleled immersive experience that is already a resounding success all around the world,” Grenier commented.