The Wild Florida Airboat, Gator & Drive-thru Safari Park is to stay open for guests during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. To help prevent the spread of the virus, the park is implementing several measures to encourage social distancing among visitors.

The measures follow the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control Prevention’s (CDC) recommendations about social distancing.

Visitors can travel through the safari park in their own cars to witness the different species of native and exotic animals. Guests can book to visit the park and check-in online so no physical contact with members of staff is required.

All airboat tours and encounters with animals will remain suspended.

Sam Haught, co-owners of Wild Florida, commented: ““We are disappointed to suspend our airboat tours and close our Gator Park, but as a company, we feel compelled to take responsible steps to help control the spread of the virus.

“Fortunately, our Drive-thru Safari Park allows people to get out of the house and practice social distancing. We are glad to offer a safe activity that is fun and affordable for families during these unprecedented times,” Haught continued.