Plans have been unveiled for the construction of a major new aqua park near Orwell Bridge in Suffolk. If approved, the waterpark will be built on top of a newly-built 65m x 32m manmade lake.

The new aqua park development will be built opposite Suffolk Food Hall in Wherstead. The project is a joint venture between Curve Water Sports, which operates a similar park in St Osyth, and Suffolk Food Hall.

The attraction park will feature a number of obstacles and challenges to cater for guests of different ages and swimming abilities.

Most of the attractions will be around one and three metres above the water, other than the slide positioned at the edge of the course, which will stand around five metres above the water. The course will also feature a large trampoline and balance beams.

The water attraction site would be open from May to October for three or four days during early and late seasons and for seven days a week during the peak season in August. A maximum of 80 guests per hour will be able to attend the course.

Jake Moore, a co-owner of the proposed site, commented: “The aqua park will be great for families as something to do while helping people get confident in the water in a safe and secure environment.”