On October 25, 2019, the 92ft. tall Sky Trail opened to the public at Nickelodeon Universe indoor theme park, part of the wider American Dream Mall and entertainment complex.

The Sky Trail project took years to perfect and involved a collaboration between RCI Adventure Projects, RCI licensed distributor RIDE Entertainment and American Dream developer, the Triple Five Group.

The style of the custom 6-pole, 5-level Sky Trail Explorer and an integrated 4-pole, 3-level Sky Trail Seeker, resembles Legends of the Hidden Temple, the much-loved 90s’ TV game show, which was broadcast on Nickelodeon.

Adam Sandy, president of business development for RIDE Entertainment, described how the Sky Trail works. “Like the classic show, adventures suit up to climb through history and explore ancient mysteries. As the tallest aerial attraction in the world makes a statement with its impressive collection of different elements,” Sandy commented.

“Once at the top participants are then able to free-fall down with a controlled descent or touch the treasure on a precarious platform,” he added.

The attraction is designed to accommodate different heights of users. The lower section is for explorers between 34 – 36 inches tall, while the upper part is for those 48 inches and above.

A total of 90 participants at a time can climb on the attraction, traversing more than 50 interactive features at their own pace.

Jon Weston, chief sales officer for RCI, spoke about the ride opening to the public. “To finally see the Sky Trail be fully realised and open to the public is highly rewarding and signifies a job well done by everyone involved. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out,” said Weston.