An immersive, ‘socialentertaiment’ attraction is coming to Amsterdam. Part boat and part historic re-enactment, the Pirates Experience is designed to let guests travel back in time and lose their grip on reality.

The Pirates Experience has been created by the Amusement Hub, developers of visitor attractions on a global scale.

The adventure is centred on the principles of sailing and life as a pirate, providing guests with the opportunity to sing along together, pull ropes in harmony and share meals, encouraging collaboration, cooperation and fellowship.

The history of pirates will play a central role in the experience, enabling guests to learn historical facts about pirates.

The Amusement Hub refer to the principles of the ride as being ‘socialentertainment’ – an invigorating journey with a social experience.

The ride’s creators intend to share the profits from the attraction with charities such as Healing Helpers and Musicians Without Borders.

The Pirates Experience’s 23.5m boat is made of oak and has a 19m mast. The attraction can accommodate up to 27 people at one time.

The boat’s first voyage will take place on 11 July 2020, setting sail from Amsterdam. Both day and night tours are available on the Pirates Experience, with guests sleeping on the replica pirates ship during the night on the night tours.