Max & Moritz, the family rollercoaster launching soon at Efteling theme park in Holland, is near completion, with the arrival of the first of its two trains.

Each of the two trains will represent the characters, Max & Moritz, the two naughty schoolboys from the German rhyming story Max und Moritz. The train will travel in opposite directions, taking guests of all ages, but particularly children aged 4 – 10, on an exciting journey.

The ‘Max’ train is now in place on the track, weighing over 1,300 kg. Coen Bertens, director of Efteling Theme Park, said: “This is another major milestone for the project and is certainly exciting. It takes about three days to assemble the entire train, bringing the most important elements – track and train – together. The next step is testing the ride and we are all really looking forward to it.”

As well as the ride, a new restaurant, ‘Frau Boltes Küche’, will open at Efteling this summer, not far from Max & Moritz. Like the attraction, the area surrounding the ride, including the new restaurant, will be influenced by the Max & Moritz story.



Holland’s fairy tale theme park Efteling, has unveiled drone photographs of its new attraction, Max & Moritz. The new family-friendly rollercoaster is due to open in spring 2020 and will replace Bob the Bobsleigh. The drone images show the construction of Max & Moritz is well underway.

The foundations, which extend for 700 m³, and the columns for the two tracks, one for Max and one for Moritz, are now in place. In early 2020, the track sections will start to be laid. The drone photos also show the ground around the rollercoaster is taking shape.

Max & Moritz is based on the iconic German illustrated story in rhyme from 1865, which tells the story of two naughty brothers named Max and Moritz. Always up to no good, Max and Moritz drove the inhabitants of their village to despair.

Featuring electrically powered trains, which run in opposite directions, the family ride is known as a “powered coaster.” Max’s blue track follows a different route to the green track of Moritz, while both boast their own unique and exciting features.

Below the Max & Moritz trains will be a rolling Alpine landscape, with a hilly meadow, Serbian spruces and, in the summer, wild plants and hundreds of mountain roses will bloom beneath the rollercoaster.