The theme park market in the Middle East is to undergo significant expansion by 2027. According to a comprehensive analysis of the Middle East theme park industry, an increasing number of foreign visitors and a number of new theme parks in the pipeline, will foster future growth for the market in the Middle East.

The report shows that the total number of visitors who arrived in the UAE increased from 15.4 million in 2016 to 17.8 million in 2019. This registers a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of +7.5% during the period of 2019 – 2027.

The analysis continues that theme park market growth in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, has been predominantly responsible for the increasing number of ticket purchases into attraction sites.

Some of the key players in the Middle East’s burgeoning theme park market include Bollywood Parks, Dreamland Aqua Park, Fantasia Land, Ferrari World, DXB Entertainment, Legoland Dubai, Legoland Waterpark, Luna Park, Yas Waterworld, among others.



Tuesday September 3, 2019 saw the first Lego brick laid at the building site of Legoland Waterpark at Gardaland.

The iconic brick was placed during an entertainment ceremony, attended by Gardaland’s CEO, Aldo Maria Vigevani, Luca Marigo, Gardaland’s sales and marketing director, and Prezzemolo, Italy’s much-loved mascot.

Young journalists from the ‘Kids Reporters’ also attended the ceremony, taking part in a TV report to inform about the latest innovations of the new Legoland Waterpark.

Aldo Maria Vigevani, commented on the ceremony:

“This is an important day because we are starting to lay the foundations of a project that has been underway for three years already. With an estimated investment sum of 20 million euros, Legoland Waterpark at Gardaland will open in June 2020, covering an area of 15,000 square metres to the joy of countless young families, both Italian and from abroad.”

The waterpark will be home to a diverse range of attractions and activities for all ages, enabling children to have fun and great creative at the same time.

As Luca Marigo says:

“It will be a fantastic water park, constructed with millions of colourful Lego bricks, where children over 2 years old can have fun, unique Lego building experiences and interactive games, while parents can relax in the luscious green nature.

“Thanks to this great new addition to the park, there will be even more ways to have fun, making Gardaland the perfect destination for families of all ages, where they can enjoy days packed with even more adventure, magic and fantasy,” Marigo added.

The 15,000 square waterpark will open in June 2020.

Gardaland’s Legoland Waterpark is Europe’s first Lego-themed waterpark and only the fifth of its kind in the world. Other Lego waterparks can be found in California, Florida, Dubai and Malaysia.



Gardaland Resort in Italy has announced it is to open the first entirely Lego themed waterpark in Europe.

The Legoland Waterpark is geared towards Lego-loving families with children aged two to 12. The park will be centred on providing the values the Lego brand upholds, including magic, adventure, fun, quality, creativity, imagination and learning.

Aldo Maria Vigevani, CEO of Gardaland, made the announcement, stating:

“The first Legoland waterpark in Europe will be built inside Gardaland Resort and it will also be the first in the world inside a theme park not Legoland branded.”

The Lego brand needs little introduction. What is now one of the leading manufacturers of play materials in the world, was founded in Denmark in 1932. Today, approximately 70 billion Lego elements are sold every year.

Paolo Lazzarin, general manager of Lego Italia, commented:

“This is great news. We are really proud and I’m certain that the Park will fill the young and adult builders who passionately follow the brick with joy.

“The Lego brand is renowned globally and will undoubtedly contribute to strengthening Gardaland Resort’s position as a major European tourist destination, as well as confirming it as a top player for family entertainment.”