Kool Replay, providers of 100% automated turnkey video solutions and developers of a proprietary system that uses connected capture technology to allow guests to take and share branded photos and videos, has teamed up with Connect&Go, a global leader of RFID deployments in the entertainment industry.

The Kool Replay system has produced more than 750,000 digital memories for visitors at entertainment venues. Kool Replay will continue to develop its technology independently but will operate as a Connect&GO business unit. The companies with work together to grow the business, with the additional benefit of Connect&GO’s experience and expertise in the industry.

Combining their skills and knowledge, the two companies will launch a new and unique product – “the FunPass.” The product will feature a wristband dispenser, RFID scanners and Kool Replay’s signature photo/video capturing system, allowing visitors at entertainment sites to capture and share their memories with ease.

Mathieu Dupuis, vice president of technology at Connect&GO, commented on the new collaboration, saying: “The Kool Replay system is a unique and complementary addition to the existing Connect&GO platform for permanent installations.

“It’s the first technology we’ve found that makes it possible to easily share edited, branded video content, with multiple view-points using a cloud-based distribution platform, powered by patent-pending algorithms,” he added.

Sharing Dupuis’ enthusiasm of the partnership, Dominic Gagnon, co-founder of Connect&GO, said: “We are very proud to welcome Francois and Benoit into the Connect&GO family. They are two remarkable entrepreneurs that have made impressive strides in the entertainment market and have gained confidence of major amusement parks like Luna Park on Coney Island.”